When I was in a state hospital, the pdoc examined my breasts

I think it was inappropriate of him. But I was too beat to speak up.

similiar experience. two female nurses made me pull down my pants and gave me a physical. don’t know why.

didn’t really bother me, but it seemed unecessary.

The rates of abuse among patients of residential treatment facilities is like 85%. It’s a huge problem. I’m sorry this happened to you both, it was very wrong.


We’re they hot? I totally would have got a boner

I was abused in the psych hospital.
Don’t want to get into it.


I asked once and was told they were looking me over for signs of I.V. drug use and self-harm (cutting, scarring, etc.). They do need to know what they are dealing with in a patient.

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I’m amazed that you had the presence of mind to ask.

I think I was being somewhat of a confrontational jerkwad at the time.


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Well, it seems like they could at least have same sex do those exams and also explain what and why at the time.
My pdoc didn’t just look, he felt. No wonder I wanted to get out of there.

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Well, that never happened to me, but I had a similar experience when I was having a problem with my penis (I was 12 years old) my mother sent me to a doctor, He touched my penis for some time (only 7 or 9 seconds) but he was not the specialist! then why he did that? however it didnt bother me so much.

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Holy crap that’s uncool. Condolences.

Yeah, I remember them moving my junk to one side and asking, “you really think I’m gonna stick myself THERE?!?” Duh.

I think there was a female nurse and an impressively jacked male orderly with me. Memories of that time aren’t the clearest.


Lol, at the time? Just kidding.

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You are safe only when you are alone… Abuse is everywhere.

The only problem I had in the psych ward was during my like 2 week stay, I received about 3-4 injections to calm me down.

I made a huge racket was swearing like a sailor to a whole group of staff and nurses.

Happened multiple times, hence multiple injections. I didn’t like receiving the injections into my buttocks cheek, but I knew I had no choice

I was examined by women, and they weren’t touchy. I guess I was lucky. I am sorry that you were mistreated; that just isn’t right.

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I had doctors ask me about my breasts, but they told me it was because my medication caused some women to have tender breasts or even lactate.

They have physical examinations here in the U.K. too.

I am on a drug now that can increase prolactin, so if I was ever hospitalised again they might check my breasts - not sure as my pdoc mentioned prolactin-levels and I had a blood test and he said my chest might change!

As for feeling that something was inappropriate, I only ever had that with another patient who groped me and tried to get me to go into his room. I can’t really remember what happened, but I think the staff stopped it I hope. My memory of this is a bit broken.

I don’t know why they put me in a forensic ward, I guess it was either that or prison as I was told I threw a chair through a glass door, but I don’t remember ever doing that. I was only just turned 18 when this happened, but they soon sent me back to the local hospital later the above incident. Not great, so I sympathise with those who have had to deal with inappropriate things by either staff or other patients. It’s a difficult situation.

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