I've told this story many times. I call it "Love in the hospital"

In 1988 I was going through a very long, very excruciating, relapse.
I had to be hospitalized 5 or 6 times in rapid succession. I was 27 at the time. All the hospitalizations were voluntary.

Anyways, before our county hospital would let you into their psyche ward, they would put you in a separate large room for evaluation to see if you should be hospitalized or if you were safe to go home.

There would be usually six or seven of us. Basically all the room had was 3 or 4 workers sitting at desks, a TV, a restroom, and a few small couches. Sometimes they would put out some juice and crackers. I was in this room four or five times in a year.

But in one of my stays, there happened to be this Hispanic lady. She was probably my age and she was pretty cute in a hardcore, tough kind of way. Hardcore, tough chicks sometimes appeal to me, I don’t know why. Anyways, she was wearing a pair of skintight Levis and she filled them out nicely, very sexy. She looked good.

Well, I couldn’t stop looking at her and I thought I was being discreet and and I didn’t think she noticed. But then after awhile she turned to me and glared at me and said, “If you don’t stop looking at me, I’m going to punch you in your fat nose”. I was quite taken aback and embarrassed and to to be honest, I was a little scared. But I stopped looking at her so much.

Heartbreak in the evaluation room, lol.


Ahaha, I thought this was going to end in a completely different way


luckily I have only been inpatient pysch once for two years straight though. But when i learned how to unlock all their freakin windows and let everyone in my ward out, they said I was sane enough to be discharged.