When I talk about my delusions

I slowly get deluded.
I avoid talking about these things

It’s not a funny thing
to talk about surveillance,
cameras, simulation, actors etc.

It’s not a topic I would discuss
with coffee with a friend.
It’s triggering


I don’t like talking about it either especially after to day where my therapist told me to stop thinking the way I’m thinking. Well if I could just do that I wouldn’t be psychotic would I?


If it could be done so easily,
there wouldn’t be any schizophrenic

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I told my therapist about the feeling that I got, that my friend was spiritually inside me while I gave birth to my son, and she just went “Oh don’t think that way, it doesn’t make sense and it isn’t pleassant for you to think that sort of things”

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She doesn’t sound very helpful.
Does she help?

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Sometimes she does Sometimes she doesn’t.
She encouraged me to attend a dance class

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That sounds great. Did you?

I’m going to tomorrow. I feel very nervous.


Cool. What dance will you try?
Hip hop, contemporary, classical, Latin?

yeah, well, is there ever a thought that you might not be delusional/

As far as I know it is a bit of everything. It is just for fun.


@Daze are you talking to me or @Om_Sadasiva ?

I don’t understand, @Daze

alright. giving up. bye.

Don’t give up, I really want to know whether you were adressing me or Om? @Daze

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I will answer this. For my part, No I guess there isn’t a way I’m not delusional. That some one Else should have given birth to my son, whom I was pregnant with for 9 months, is impossible. I know that when I’m being reasonable. my problem is, that my delusional thoughts are not always reasonable. I can be convinced that I’m being delusional, but I can’t let go of my delusions that easily.

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