Sometimes I feel like giving up


Sometimes I think i should’ve stayed in lalaland. I know it was causing confusion in the family and everyone was scared of me, but I was not aware something was wrong. Now I’m aware and suffer to keep my mind from believing in fantasies. Now, I have to take medicine that causes painful akathesia. I think I was better off not knowing anything. This is just how I feel right now.


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Wrong! Normal schizophrenics wish to recover and to remain in this reality @Om_Sadasiva


Omg, @Om_Sadasiva you didn’t hate on reality. My precious dog is reality. I never want to escape from his unconditional love EVER! There is so much beauty in reality. Maybe it’s because I don’t sleep much. But day, night, fall, winter etc, THEREIS beauty


Who flagged me?


I don’t know who did it, but you kind of deserved it. You all but advised @Cici2 to stay in her delusional world because reality is full of suffering.


No, I didn’t advice her. And didn’t mean that.
I just said that patients prefer delusions and miss the fantasy world when it’s over. Because life is tough


I see where you’re coming from - I understand what you mean. But the way you said it was harmful and/or triggering for others. Just be careful with what you say.

Delusional thinking should never be romanticised.


Honestly when I first got diagnosed I felt kinda the same way. I was super happy to know their was an actually valid condition that I was suffering from. But, on the other hand, it really messed me up. It is super frustrating to learn that you can not rely on what your own brain is telling you.


I think a lot of people probably have these feelings from time to time. Coming to the reality that you need meds every day to keep your head together can be a hard thing to accept. I have made peace with it, though, and pray that you will, too, in your own time.


Thanks everyone for your replies. I know this road to recovery is tough, but it’s best to stick with my recovery. Thanks to @Om_Sadasiva, @shifter, @Freedom-of-speech, @TheCircleOfFifths, @OcelotKitty, @Priscillame, @disciple.


My girlfriend thinks sometimes she should give up.

Hers is just a feeling, and feelings are not facts. For example, I can have someone sitting at my dinner table say, “I don’t feel welcome,” when actually he is perfectly welcome.

My girl friend should not give up, and neither should you. But it is all right to say you feel like giving up.


I’m tired of this alternate reality matrix ■■■■■■■■, with brain parasites broadcasting my damned thoughts everywhere. The voices are barely audible now thanks to Amyloban but I need the last 5-10% of horseshit out of my life. I want to be totally hallucination free.


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