When I lived in my auto in America

I lived in my auto in America over two years (2000-2002) after I went through a divorce and I travelled in many states, but primarily I stayed in Miami and Miami Beach. I did drive from Miami to California twice and back. In my years in my auto I often had negative thoughts, depressive thoughts and often I thought who would miss me if I died. And then years passed and eventually I shipped my auto to Europe and I flew to Europe. Now after nearly 20 years, I could have never guessed how everything went and now I am living in Eastern Finland, quite happy and riding my bicycle often in my little town. One may never know how one’s life goes. Things happen.

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I was a long haul trucker for 5 years before getting diagnosed and put on meds.

There are a handful of states I haven’t been through yet. Pacific Northwest mainly (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and North Dakota).

When I have the opportunity I’m going to buy a van and live out of it and travel.



Are you living in your hometown now @mjseu?

I was born here.


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