Nearly 20 years ago

It has been almost 20 years since I went to live in my auto in America (I had lived in the US over 10 years before my auto living). I lived in my auto over two years before moving back to Europe in May 2002. It was an experience. I had often depressive and suicidal thoughts but I survived. The most important thing was to find a secure sleeping place in my auto. I had also one black cat living with me in the auto for one year. I drove to many places in America, but mostly I stayed in Miami and Miami Beach. I did drive to LA and SF, California twice and back to Miami. I spent one week in New York City and so on. I am glad that I survived and now 20 years after I have just good memories.


It’s time to move on.

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I have been moving on already for the past 18 years, but sometimes it is just good to remember the past. There are good memories also. However, I would not recommend anybody to live in their auto in America, but it did provide a different perspective of the USA.


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