20 years ago I went to

20 years ago I went to live in my auto in Miami and elsewhere in the USA. I went through a divorce in America in March 2000 and after visiting the office of my ex-wife’s lawyer I drove my auto to Miami. It is a 12-hour drive from Atlanta. I started my new life and I lived in my auto over two years before moving back to Europe. It was an experience, but I have only good memories.


Glad u had a good experience

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Sleeping in a car was okay, it was a challenge to find a secure place for each night.

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Yeah, you’ve had cool experiences but I bet some of them were no picnic at the time. At least that’s how a lot of my experiences go. But I know you had good times and good experiences that a lot of people don’t have. But I mean getting robbed, beat, conned etc. during my addiction makes a good story but at the time it was miserable. I mean I had good experiences too that I enjoyed at the time like partying on Stanford University campus or smoking crack and driving up to San Francisco which I actually enjoyed. But yeah, I can appreciate what you’ve experienced and growing older is all about the memories we made while we were younger.

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