When does thinking become overthinking?

I get told that I overthink a lot. But when does thinking turn into overthinking? How can you tell?

When it constantly stops you doing stuff maybe?


When you always thinking about the worst outcome?




You keep me up all night with your constant thinking! Just thinking and thinking!

How can I keep you up all night if we are countries apart?

That’s how loud you think!

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I’m not sure if I think about worst outcomes or attempt to predict the future so I am prepared.

I can’t tell I am overthinking at the time but later I can look back and see I was overthinking.

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Do you like it when I think about Donald Trump?

Why would I like that?

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I have to think about this and get back to you


Can you actually hear my thoughts or are you joking?

I could ask you the same.

Kinda the same if you do artwork/writing/decorating of any kind, there comes a point when anything more you add to it, doesn’t make it any better.

The saying goes something like, the difference between great work and crap is knowing when to stop.

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Is this in reference to when I said I can hear my family’s thoughts about me?

Do you know why people tell that you think to much? Can you come with an example?

N. I don’t thinl I recall that

When I saw the psychiatrist, I thought he had hypnotised me and implanted suicidal thoughts to my brain so that he could test if I will actually go through with it. And that he wanted me to suffer and be overridden with guilt.

I told this to my GP and community psychiatric nurse and they said I am overthinking and misjudged the situation.

Why do you think that he hypnotise you? Is that something he said or something you felt while talking to him?