Do you over think?

Do you guys do this? Where you keep on thinking about one thing and can’t let go. Even simple things like: The boat is blue turns to the boat is the colour blue, the colour of the boat is blue and so on…
The thought just keeps on repeating in my head.


I had something like that this morning it was actually scary overthinking this morning yepp I know

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I under-think. My mind is blank most of the time. Sometimes I get obsessed about a thought, or a delusion

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yes I do this. It’s annoying. The thoughts repeat or sayings repeat. Hi, hello, how are ya. It’s terrible. I think it’s some OCD thing or something. It’s not doing it too bad right now so I’m pretty happy 'bout that.


Sometimes I have a weird thing going on
For example if I see something on the floor I acknowledge it is there and am just about to walk onwards when my mind says pick that up so I have to pick it up

Yes I feel the same, I even repeat things people say to me over and over again in my mind

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do you take an anti-depressant? Sometimes they can help with this kind of thing. I just started taking one and I think it’s helping a little. I get weird thought loops and it seems to be settling down a little I think. My thoughts seem to be going in a straight line more. But it might be too soon to tell cus it’s off and on anyway so we’ll see if it comes back.

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I used to have a bit of OCD but was never treated for it. Like I do repetitive things, but it could just be anxiety. I used to take seroxat but stopped a few weeks back, I didn’t feel it did much.

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