When do you take olanzapine?

I take olanzapine 7.5mg. I take olanzapine in the evening after dinner. But I feel drowsy very much. So I think I take olanzapine when I go to bed. I worry about forgetting to take olanzapine. So I take olanzapine after dinner.
How about your time taking olanzpine?

I used to take Olanzapine a little after 7pm every night for six months when I was in a psychiatric hospital for two months in 2015 then when I was in the Minnesota Specialty Health System for four months from 2015 to 2016. When I went back home I would take it at night sometimes at different times depending on when I wanted to go to bed like if I was having a hard time I’d take it earlier. I think it’s best to take it at 8pm or 9pm.

Before dinner in the evening.

I was on olanzapine for 17 years and I took it at 8:00pm the entire time.

If you think 7.5mg makes you drowsy causes you to sleep a lot try to imagine how I felt, I was on 40mg.