Olanzapine taken time of day

Anybody get any benefit from taking olanzapine in the morning. I used to always take it in the evening or bedtime cause it makes me sleepy. I’m now taking some in the morning and the rest in the evening.

Interesting. I take it at night because of the sedation. Same time every night if possible. I suppose it depends on it’s half life which is long…so I don’t know whether you’ll see much difference.

Do you feel less sedated splitting it like that?

You know it’s hard to say. I take 15mg a day 5 in morning and the rest 10 at night. Of course 10mg is the appropriate dose anyway so regardless of taking the 5 I’m still covered. I was just hoping taking it in the morning would help me relax during the day. Like it seems like I don’t sit down for long periods of time. Just restless always on my feet.

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I get some restlessness and I take 10mg’s wafer at night. It’s probably worth a shot to see how it goes but unsure whether you’ll get much benefit. We are all so different and I’d imagine it could calm you down a bit during the day. I’d be worried about being too tired.

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@rogueone could I ask you the dose of olanzapine you take. I’m considering this med. I’m wondering at what dose of this med that you get restlessnes from it.

Sorry about hijacking this thread, @AndrewJohn

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I take 10mgs as a wafer. It’s supposedly absorbed higher in the digestive track to help combat weight gain.

I get a mild akathesia from it. I usually just go to sleep rubbing my legs together and it’s a small price to pay for some mental sanity. I do really well on zyprexa. It’s definately not as bad as when I took abilify…that was horrible early.

It’s one of those things. You may not get restlessness from it…so it might be worth a go!

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10 mg olanzapine is not bad. I heard with Olazapine people usually start at 10 mg for treatment of SZ.

Yeah it’s the lowest I can go without too many symptoms. I still have the odd breakthroughs and get a bit paranoid when stressed. I’m on a disability pension so keep the stress way low!

10mgs is a decent dose for me! It’s still sedating but I can deal with the positives I get!

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I’ve been taking Olanzapine for over 20 years. I take it at night before bed. I’ve tried taking it in the morning but it makes me too drowsy. I can’t stay awake if I take it in the morning.

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I take 10 mg at night and 5 mg in the morning.

I’m not really sedated on the day from it.

Propranolol might help with akasthesia.