Wheight gain

Anyone has any insight in how to lose some weight while on seroquel, I just change from Risperdal, that made me gain 10 lb, but I heard seroquel is even worst.
I have really bad liver ezymes. Lots of liver pain, and keep gaining weight despite dieting and exercicing.

You (like me) need to get serious about weight loss. Adopt the right attitude
Eat less
Have one main meal a day
Fill up with fruit and veg
Reduce intake of bread and butter . Maybe have it every other day
And do your fav orate exercise . Mine is walking in the morning
Be determined
And if u are comfort eating… StOp IT!!
If u snack at night… Quit

I am already eating one meal a day, salat with a pice of boiled chicken.
Don’t eat sweets or fried food, and don’t eat snacks.
I’m doing a calorie count diet, just 1000 calories a day, normaly I don’t even eat 700.
And I use the eliptical machine every day for 70 minutes.
I have being doing this since April and I have only gained weight.
I am desperate, I don’t know what else I can do.

Are u eating any nuts and seeds? Can be fattening
Sounds weird you not loosing weight
Could u talk to a nurse about it

Do not be discouraged @Azriela - Most of your effective atypical antipsychotics, you know the ones with a proven track record, like Seroquel, Risperdal, Zyprexa, Clozaril make you usually gain the pounds - Right now, I cannot lose any weight and this is because the Risperdal I am on now is messing with my homones, once your hormones are out of wack, it can be very difficult to lose weight.

If you are having a very difficult time losing a substantial amount of weight, even after eating healthier and exercising - give it a couple of months to see where you stand and if you do not like the results, talk to your doctor about it - good luck with everything!

I’m on Seroquel, and I don’t think it was that drug that made me gain my weight. It was a blood pressure med that got me. Being on med’s slows most person’s metabolism, which is a double whamy for weight gain. It’s harder to exercise, and you gain more fat on smaller amounts of food.

Something is making you gain weight obviously.
Do you have any food allergies?
If I eat something like a pastry, which I love, I can gain 10 lbs in a couple of days. That is, after I eat the whole box of pastries.
Once I stop eating them, the weight drops off in a few days as well.

You might talk to your doctor about this option and this study (there are many others on this topic too): Click on the link below:

I would like to try the metformin but I am not sure this technique is licences in the uk.

The medication “Metformin” is a very old medication - like 30 or 40 years old - I’m sure its available in the UK, and its very cheap. Talk to your doctor.

You can easily lose weight effectively and stay healthy as long as you choose the right procedure. follow are few tips for help you lose weight :

quite smoking.
Limited consumption of alcohol.
Do Regular exercise.
Less usage or Reduce salt in your food.
Do not use spicy food.
Keep walk for daily 30 mins.
Do take regular medicine advice by physician.
Use boil vegetable or salad more.
Reduce consumption of meet.
Reduce fats and cholesterol foods.
Reduce fried products.

from what I read the problem is that you are not eating enough. If we go too long on a calorie strike our bodies recognize this as starvation and begin storing everything that you eat as fat to make it last through the famine the body thinks it’s experiencing. I know from personal experience living on 600 calories a day for two years raised my weight gain to a whopping 168lbs. Then I taled to my doctor about it. He had me do three things 1) increase my calorie intake to 1500 calories, 2) walk for30minutes every day, and 3)get at least seven hours of sleep a day. For me that was six months ago. At the time I weighed 335lbs now I am down to 254.5lbs. I’m on Invega which is a higher concentrated form of risperdal so losing is slower but I am still losing a pound a week. Give it some thought and talk to your doctor. Btw I do take Metformin for my diabetes but I did so when I weighed 335 as well.

Hey I hear you. Weight gain is very hard to deal with as a sideeffect of the medication. I recently have been given them to take on my own and it is so tempting to stop taking them.

From what I know, these are some rules, that may help to loose weight:

  1. eat 5-6 meals, a small portions a day (this is very important). it can be bread, apple, bananana, light meat, vegetables…you will not be hungry, because you will it every 3 hours and the body will not have need to depositing fat.
  2. drink a lot of (2-3 liters) water
  3. do not eat sweets and drink alcohol
  4. have some exercise
    I hope you will be successfull and wish you luck. :wink:
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