Seroquel and weight gain


Has anyone experienced a lot of weight gain from Seroquel? And did it go down after you stopped it? I was on seroquel for a year and I gained about 50 pounds. I’ve just recently stopped it, and I’m wondering if my metabolism is gonna speed up again.


Yes. I gained a ton of weight in the time frame after starting Seroquel and my psychiatrist is actually trying to get me off it and onto something else to stop the weight gain. I’m currently trying to lose the weight I gained actually.


I recently lost around 25 pounds from being on 200mg of seroquel.


It’s a fairly common complaint that people have about seroquel and many other antipsychotics because they cause metabolic syndrome.

About the only way to deal with it for now is to cut out sugars and starches from your diet. I lost all the weight I had gained by going on a very low carb diet, and I am back into my old high school clothes again.

Exercise helps, too, but is simply not enough to lose a significant amount of weight without dieting.

Simple tips I have for you, is if you’re hungry, try eating a salad first, and then see if you’re still hungry after that. Don’t put croutons or any sugary or starchy things in your salad. Start each meal with a big low carb salad, and eat it very slowly and thoughtfully, giving your stomach time to signal your brain that it’s full. Then see if you’re still hungry after you finish slowly eating your salad. It makes a HUGE difference. The next step would be to fill your plate with things like low carb vegetables you like. For example, I like broccoli, so I fill my plate with mostly broccoli, and then just small dabs of the other foods. Then limit yourself to one plate. Once that plate is finished get up from the table and leave.

If you go out to eat, order a chef salad with dressing on the side. Throw away the croutons or crackers or give them to someone else, but don’t eat them. Go sparingly on the salad dressing.

And one last tip, at home, make your own salad dressing. Store bought salad dressings are loaded with sugar. Find recipes for your favorite types of salad dressings, and just leave out the sugar entirely when you make it.


Thank you! This is very helpful.


I lost 50 lbs by eating 2 cups veggies an 7-10 oz uncooked protein, then obviously cook it, twice a day with eggs or protein shake for breakfast


Oh ya and I cut out beer an drank celtzer water for 10 weeks


Tbh 50poundsbin a year is pretty good. Some culprits like zyprexa make you gain 100 pounds in a month.