Anyone battling massive weight gain from their medications?

I’ve made it to 277 just on one med, then changed to thorazine and started dropping weight. What am I doing wrong?

Yes, I have gained a lot of weight as a result from being on my medication. I’m currently on Seroquel, and I remember in 2013 (when I first started taking it), I weighed about 147 pounds and now I’m stuck at 165. :confused:

How are your eating habits and how often do you exercise?

I gained 100 lbs in less than 6 months while on Saphris. Then I gained another 30-ish on Latuda. Pretty much all atypicals make me gain weight crazy fast, but those two were the worst. I’m on haldol now and haven’t had a problem with it, weight-wise.

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I have a nine month old little girl, my activity isn’t what it should be… I’d say I have messed up sleep patterns and eat a lot of fast foods. I no longer exercise daily… I know that’s a big weight gain factor, however, the amount is so much that I’m thinking it could be water weight as well? I was 230 before, into MMA, and boxing. So that’s why I’m wondering why seroquel is even given!??

I went from 200 to 272 on Zyprexa.

I’ve lost 11 pounds in three weeks thanks to the Paleo diet, after starting the diet at 260.

I went from the 160 range to 225 on risperidone. I am now at 174. I lost weight by going on long walks every day, eating a lot of home made chicken and healthy meals, and weight lifting. I try to limit myself to 1 main meal a day, with some toast in the morning if I get hungry (no butter). For soft drinks I drink coke zero (zero calories).

It is simple to grill some chicken every day for dinner and make some rice. It is also cheaper than eating out. It takes me no more than 16 minutes and that is for serving 2 people. I’d consider eating nothing but chicken for dinner (no red meat). Maybe make a spinach salad. That is what I do.

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And the great thing about spinach is you can get a huge thing of it in the produce section for 2 bucks. It is also more nutritious if you don’t cook it, just make sure you wash it thoroughly. However, if you or your family are prone to kidney stones limit your spinach intake.

How do you stop the intense hunger panges while on psych meds? With veggies or water?

Is that diet costly?

While I am not a parent, I can kind of understand the change. Try to slowly make progress with stuff like exercise. Maybe you can start by go on walks with your baby in a stroller. As for your sleep schedule, does your baby tend to become inconsolable during the night or something similar?

One time I gained sixty pounds in four months on Zyprexa. That’s almost a half a pound a day. I craved sugar the whole time I was on it.

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Gained 70 pounds in two months

Gained 100 pounds on Geodon, I vegan and risperidone. On haloperidol now, haven’t lost any weight but feel more motivated.

gained 100 lbs on Invega Sustenna but I thinks its mostly because of my diet and lack of exercise.

I believe you, but your weight gain couldn’t be explained by an excess of calories. In order to gain a pound a day of pure body fat you would have to have an excess of 3,500 calories every day. That is unlikely. A person can gain or lose surprising amounts of weight by sweating out fluids and replacing them, but that is only temporary. We used to do that in wrestling. So, it’s not that many excess calories, or that much water weight, and yet you still gained that much weight in that amount of time. Your metabolism has a lot to do with it. The med’s probably slowed that, but still not to the point that you could gain a pound a day. Another way to gain that much weight is to put on that much muscle, but you would look like Charles Atlas if you did that. The only way I can think of to gain weight like that is if you body fat acts like a sponge that holds a lot of excess fluids. If it’s not that, I don’t know what it is.

I’m on Seroquel and I’m going through the same problem. I’ve always had a sweet tooth, but I’ve never craved ice cream as much as I do now that I’m on it.

I’ve gained about 18kgs on Abilify and that is supposed to be a “weight neutral” atypical. It certainly isn’t for me.

Sometimes these meds just actually alter your metabolism where you gain weight even if your eating and activity habits don’t change. This is what happened to me.