Wheat, dairy and sugar are toxic

Food allergies and intolerances are associated with schizophrenia. I found that giving up wheat, dairy and sugar has had a huge impact on my health.


i tried that for about 6 months. had no effect on me mentally except i got pretty thin, I likely because I wasnt getting enough calories.
I actually had another psychotic episode during this diet period.

i basically ate chicken, brown rice, brown rice pasta, chia bread. I did have goats milk because I was told it was more tolerated than regular milk but i didnt eat cheese.
i ate salmon everyday.

it was tough to eat like that.

1 Like"food+allergies"+schizophrenia 0 matches ."food+intolerance"+schizophrenia 1 match

I went for an all protein diet at one time when I was an athlete.

no sure what to believe.

Honestly Im having a pepsi slushie right now and i feel just splendid :smile:

i used to eat a lot of fast food. ironically I felt great after eating a mcdonalds burger and my friends would feel horrible :joy:

i think diet can have some benefit but very minor in my case.

Sugar is toxic but I don’t think that wheat and dairy are.

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