What's your relationship with Facebook?

I’ve kinda gone mad with Facebook. I have close family and friends. I have unfriended many, just felt like it,lol. I chewed out my sister on there, lol, then unfriended her. I have great friends on there. I just came in contact with an old high school boyfriend. He is still the same. I’ve changed. I’ve changed for the better despite my illness. I’m stronger as a person. It’s not as bad as it sounds. I was really going through bad psychosis and memory recall. Everything is great now. I have a few fun pages to help puppies, say no to bullying, healing illnesses and diseases. I’ve managed my illness very well thanks to family. I was diagnosed with sz later in my years so all this stuff of having a normal life kept coming up. I’m doing a lot better. Facebook has helped a lot by keeping in contact with old friends and family a n d sharing my photography.


I did a rather pathetic presentation of myself about three years ago and then forgot about it.

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I have 10 friends. Mostly relatives. I’ve managed to alienate the two people who are my peers. As one would expect for someone with a social disorder. It seems like you aren’t expected to really communicate there.

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I think I only got into a little tussle with my cousin who is a conservative Republican when he posted an article in jest that most mentally ill people vote Democratic.

I asked him if there was any similar significance that most members of the Nazi party probably vote Republican.

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I deleted my facebook years ago. It should be called fakebook. I cant handle all the false.

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I’m addicted to facebook and have several hundred friends on it


Well at 70 I would think most anybody Not hunting you down would be a good thing

Social media? ■■■■ em

If you don’t compare yourself to the popular ones, it can be a useful tool

Like I said… F**kem

I use it for family and friends and like it.

Your on social media right now… :smiley:

Anybody got something to say to me…

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