I have a so called 205 friends on facebook

i have a so called 205 friends on facebook and not one is my friend…


I have 10 I think? They used to all be friends till I saw their obnoxious Facebook posts now none of them are! Lol!

I have 0 friends on Facebook. Unfriended them all.


I have 111 fb friends. Same here…not really any good friends apart from the odd two or three.

I admit I added about 10 that I truly knew but the 195 I didn’t…I guess facebook is if you know the person you add them…behind it all they could want to know your business …I post on it everyday

I have 35 fb friends, but most of them are friend requests from my brother’s friends or my girlfriend’s extended family. I have nothing to do with them, for some post racist stuff :rage:

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I got hacked on facebook once. People from all over started to accept my “friend requests” which I never send out. I had to block all those people and changed my password. Then the problem was solved. People get hacked on fb every day.

I have close to 200 friends too. 85% from before i got ill and i havent talked to in ages. I only use it to wish family happy birthday. Sometimes family posts pics of me, i rarely check it.

Im too paranoid for facebook. apparently im not missing much though

I unfriended everyone but family and a few others who’s posts I like.

I did have about 80 people on there, but since I was diagnosed I have lost contact with nearly all of them. Seemed to be pointless having them on there as none of them would ever contact me so I removed them all.

Unfortunately isolation means I am unlikely to ever gain anymore friends IRL or on Facebook.

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I deactivated my old fbook when I got sick. Then I made a new one when I got well…but all but one friends are diagnosed with mental illness…don’t feel comfortable with normies on Facebook except 1 I trust.

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I think there courious because of the stories they heard about me

Time to unfriend the last one: Facebook itself and then join us on Schizobook :slight_smile:


Ha! I still follow tech pages etc but you are right, would be good to be Facebook free.

There is a feature called “unfollow” that removes a friends posts from appearing in your news feed without them knowing. Basically it means you can still stay “friends” with people without having to see their posts if you don’t want to.

I prefer that to just deleted friends now, I’ve already deleted facebook twice so I’m trying to keep this one this time lol.

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I have like 80 friends, many of whom I know irl from college and my old gyms. I didn’t have an account when I was sick, so when I healed up and started acting normally, I thought why not? Okay, technically I was forced to create a fb account by my French professor who wanted to start a group on fb, but after that I just used it to keep in touch with family and friends.

Oddly, I have like 120 followers who read my public posts! I have no idea why they follow me or who they are, but I’m like yes! A platform to talk about social equality! :smiley:

On IG (short for instagram), though I have like 20 followers. :confused:

we all could bbe friends were not bad people

I had two facebook accounts. The first I unfriended each friend one at a time til none were left. The second I just permanently deleted. It used to be depressing reading people’s posts plus I needed to disappear the second time. I’m happier without it even though I isolated myself completely without it.


what bothers me about fb is if we like something it appears on other people’s feed, it should be kept private…

200 nosey parkers