What's your opinion on this craziness I feel?

I don’t know what to call what I’m feeling. I feel so hyped up, lots of energy, want to dance and sing and laugh loud. Want to talk all high pitched like I’m acting. Talk to myself and to the spirits in my head (Alien and Sarah). Talk gibberish. Feel like I want to yell and scream and throw things. Feel major excited and fast. To calm down and restrain myself is difficult. But I do it. Yes I do. And I cope ok but when I’m alone I let go and silent yell. I end up wanting to swear at Alien. Then when I interact with hubby I’m normal again. Then I dance in front of him and act all cheerful and laugh.

What on earth is this? Psychosis? Hypomania? Mania? Any of you feel this way too? I’m so glad I started seroquel otherwise I doubt I’d sleep at night when I’m like this.

Felt two days like this but Alien messed with my thoughts about over a week ago already. I hope seroquel not making me hyper. I think it’s the lack of amisulpride probably… It has happened before on the low dose I’m on. I act normal around hubby but I laugh loud a lot and mood goes up then I go all silent and freeze. It’s a f***ing rollercoaster!!

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Sounds like mania or hypomania to me

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I experience similar symptoms mania can be addicting until it goes south

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Yes it sounds like hypomania. But you write coherent and have a distance to your symptoms, that’s good.

Im like that in periods (without the voices) and it is my happiest moment

They lowered your dose recently didn’t they. Maybe it’s that.

Are you copying, knowingly or unknowingly, someone you were close to, needed, and/or admired?