Happiness or Mania?

I have a lot going on right now that are reasons to be happy. I just have so much hope for my future, and new things keep happening that add to that. I’m also going through med changes. There’s some nights I can’t sleep because my mind won’t shut down. These inspirations from God just keep coming, and I feel I need to solve every problem. It seems like when I ask God a question I get an answer right away. I’m not hearing voices, they’re inspirations. I’m also having grandiose delusions, which could just be my ego. And I feel so good. Better then I’ve felt in a long time. How do you tell the difference between happiness and mania? I’ve never been manic before and it is not something I want to experience. The non-stop talking, impulse decisions, and the inevitable crash. How do you know your manic or hypomanic? :sunny:

Hi @SunGirl I have been having hypomanic episodes - I will feel on top of the world, really good and happy (silly sometimes) this is an exaggerated feeling - it is not your everyday feeling good or typical happy feeling.
Hypomania and mania are exaggerated intense feelings of joy - many times people will feel euphoria or bliss - if you feel euphoric than it is most likely mania. If you cannot sleep because of racing thoughts it could very well be mania or hypomania - just tell the doctor how you are feeling. Sometimes one can feel irritable and be hypomanic or manic, it depends - I can be this way sometimes. If you are having grandiose delusional thinking and insomnia due to rapid thoughts then it is very possible that you are experiencing some mania also. I would surely tell your doctor how you are feeling - take it easy - and take care


I had “inspirations from God” and constant thinking about how to take care of what the inspirations told me I should do

but I was delusional when I thought that…sorry, it posted without me knowing before I could finish…you sound manic to me


@Wave @jukebox Thanks for your responses. I am going to talk to my doctor. The lower dose of Seroquel could be doing it. I read that it can act like a mood stabilizer. It just surprises me that I’m 30 and would just now be experiencing mania. Unless it’s chemically induced from the meds. I don’t know I’m going to talk to my doctor. Thanks! :sunny:


I feel that @Wave hit the nail on the head… it was when you mentioned that your mind just won’t shut down and these inspirations just keep coming.

Happiness does feel great, but happiness does let you sleep. Mania doesn’t. Mania for me is racing thoughts and motor mouthing but the sentences don’t make sense. I get word salad pretty bad when I don’t keep this in check.

I’m glad your going to see your doc. You do have a lot of very positive things happening in life… Good for you for catching the racing thoughts and the disturbed sleep before it gets big.
Good insight… :thumbsup:

I’m rooting for you.


Thanks for the support! That makes sense that mania wouldn’t let you sleep. I’m not talking a lot, but it’s amazing how words are just coming to me when I talk and write. I feel so smart! A paper I wrote the other day flowed so easily. The words just seemed to come to me. My mom was impressed and told me I should be a technical writer. I ended up getting a 100. As long as I don’t go too high or crash, I don’t mind this. :sunny:

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My first thought upon reading your post was that it was great that you were aware of your emotions and responses. Keep track of those and how long they last, and mention those to your pdoc or T in case they are a manic or hypomanic episode. Otherwise, as long as you don’t do anything to impulsive, just enjoy the positive emotions while they last. Be mindful of your actions but also ride the waves. There might not be a crash, but rather a gentle wash of the tide going back out as this could just be a natural wave of happiness not mania. As someone with SZA, depressive type for now, I am constantly super aware of my emotions in case I am bipolar. I’m not sure of the difference between happiness and mania. I think with mania you actually feel “high” not just happy or joyful.