One more question - may or may not have anything to do w sz

put it in lounge because i don’t know what this is.
it just started, and has only happened a few times now (in like 4 days) but sometimes i feel high. just flat out, on drugs. (when i’m NOT) . nothing i’ve experienced before, and it’s not like i can’t handle it, but i’m not sure how else to explain it. it lasts a little while then goes away, but my perspective on things change, i feel, idk, up in the clouds if you must. ??? why

Have you come off any medication or over the counter supplements lately? Did you make any dietary changes? In fact any other changes recently?

i quit my meds, but that was some time ago. it was mirtazapine

How long ago was that? If it was in the last month, that could explain it. If it was longer, I’m not sure.

i’ll go figure it out. one second

18 days ago i made the post, i stopped a day or 2 prior

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I’m not a doctor and don’t diagnose, but if I were betting, I’d say that’s the reason. Hopefully it’ll pass. I’d mention it to your doctor the next time you see them as well.

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Might be signs of mania

Full Definition of mania

:  excitement manifested by mental and physical hyperactivity, disorganization of behavior, and elevation of mood; specifically :  the manic phase of bipolar disorder

a :  excessive or unreasonable enthusiasm <a mania for saving things> —often used in combination b :  the object of such enthusiasm
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yeah, i was kind of thinking that too. except i’ve experienced mania, not this feeling though.

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but that crossed my mind too because i have noticeably been cheerier, but i snap at small things. and also i haven’t been sleeping much. idk. i kinda thought my new job had something to do with all that though too.

You might be a bit like me, get hyper at times and mania other times could be two different things


This euphoria you are mentioning is obviously a reaction to my posts. You are infatuated with me and hang on my every word.

Now smarten up girl! I’m 50 years old and happily married. I have no time nor interest in a little May/December fling with you.

I’m sorry if I was blunt, but sometimes you just gotta tell it like it is. :wink:


When I’ve gotten off my med’s in the past I went through a period of euphoria. It felt good. Then I got out of hand. I ended up getting beaten up by a couple of policemen. That euphoria does make it seem like it would be great fun to get off my med’s again, but that has never worked for me. I’ve had enough bad experiences to know that I need to stay on my med’s.

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