Am I still hypomanic? I wonder

My hypomania came down yesterday a bit. Took extra haloperidol in day two days ago (totalling 4,5mg instead of 3) but yesterday just took 3 at night as usual, as hypomania and psychosis was less.

Now this morning hubby said he doesn’t know me like this - all aggressive and gutsy. This morning wanted to go to beach as it’s foggy weather which I loooove, but the parking lot was packed, not a single spot, and I got angry because I thought these ■■■■■■■■ with their fat cars were reason I couldn’t enjoy beach. Even though they were innocent. And hubby said I drive more daringly now and have guts to message people.

So I’m wondering if my hypomania still there or mixed or what? I started my period this morning and am happy but don’t know if it’s that or my sza that’s causing my so called “personality change”. Hubby said even with my period I can be a peaceful calm person.

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Yes, you sound hypomanic.

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And now it’s night and I’ve seemed to have plummeted. All silent, don’t want to talk to my husband or say anything. Brain shut down… I hope I’m not entering a depression. I’ve not had one since I started antidepressant in January at hospital.

You might be cycling.

Today I felt less depressed but my hypomania didn’t come back. Just these crippling inserted thoughts from evil spirit Alien who’s tormenting me with images of my husband dead :sob::sob:

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