What's your goals for your body and mind? Poll

  • Focus on mental health more than physical
  • Focus on physical health more than mental
  • Focus on them both equally

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I guess I’m destined to be a pig. I guess it’s my choice. Don’t care about physical any more other than appearance and that isn’t enough to get me into a weight room.

I work out a little, but my focus has to be on my mental health. But that’s more medical stuff like therapy and meds. I don’t have the patience to meditate anymore.

Although I’m physically sick A LOT. I don’t see what more I can do about that.

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Yesterday I ate a whole pack of cheese string and I’m planning to go through another one now :slight_smile:

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Is cheese your guilty pleasure @anon90843118. I used to eat cheese and crackers a lot. Good stuff.

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Yea man. Cheese is da bomb. Lol.

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I told my doctor I ate a lot of fried chicken and he told me to just eat one piece. I have to eat every piece. I don’t get how you could only eat one piece of fried chicken.


I should probably worry about my mental health a little more, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. im more concerned about diabetes and heart disease. plus I like being a little crazy, as long as I can function

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I want to focus on both equally, though not necessarily simultaneously. I have this idea that if I can get to a better place mentally I’ll have the mental resources to get to a better place physically.


A month or so ago I started the 10,000 steps a day. I paced for nearly 2 hours every day for a few weeks and got very bored. I decided to invest in an exercise bike and got a good one second hand. Brand new it cost over £200 and iit measures distance, calories, time and other stuff.

I’ve had it about a week now and am up to 33km a day, split into 3 sessions of below half an hour. I’ve also started press ups as resistance training for people my age is important as muscles weaken in middle age. I have built up to 4 x 30 press ups a day.

I hope to lose weight and get fit, but won’t weigh myself for a month to see a decent ( I hope) difference.

I prefer the exercise bike to running as it considerably easier and has less impact on the body, plus i can do it at home.

I hope to reverse type 2 diabetes eventually.

Well worth the investment as it cost me £75 and sitting on my backside all day will kill me slowly.

If you are going to concentrate on your physical health, don’t fancy going outside then the low impact exercise bike is a must.


A healthy mind and a healthy body go hand in hand.

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I work on all three every day: physical, mental and spiritual. And it does me good. Yoga for the physical, meditation and meds for the mental, and religion for the spiritual.

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Civilize the mind but make savage the body

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Sounds cool. 1515

I am totally with you on that. I feel that my head is holding me down. ■■■■ avolition.

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I want to be able to do chin ups again and get down to 25% bodyfat or close.


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