My physical well being takes a backseat

… to my mental health. I have been living with mental illness for so long, and I am so preoccupied with it, my physical health has always been secondary. Even my family doctor, is more concerned with my mental health than physical it seems. He is always reviewing my psych meds and asking me questions on how I am doing etc…
I consider my psychiatrist my primary doctor. My family physician told me to discuss the blood test results with my psychiatrist. Even now with a mildly damaged liver, my physical health is still in the background.
Maybe I shouldn’t be thinking this way, but I do

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Hi Wave. Place your physical health in the fore front. Bad mental health can ruin physical health. But good physical health usually is followed by great mental health.


I find that my mental health problems lead to physical health problems anyway. It’s all connected. Stress makes us sick.

I pray that your liver holds up!
Often I’ve thought of the terrible choice many have to make regarding meds. Diabetes, obesity, liver problems etc in exchange for not having the chaos and insanity. I wish I could save everyone from it! I won’t even let myself worry about potential adverse effects of high doses of niacin and vitamin C anymore. NO win situation. I wish you all the best.

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It’s hard when my head ruled my body.
My psych records were so big they were going on VOL IV, while my physical health record may have been 20 pages for the past 20years. I had the same primary care doctor for 4years and never met her nor talked to her once.
…wished I still had a doctor to go to.

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It took me a long time… but when I did start putting more care into my physical health, my mental health got better. Just like how exercise made me feel better and not think of suicide. It wasn’t a lot of exercise back then, but eating healthier helped my stomach problems… which helped me sleep better. (that helped my brain)

Exercise helped cheer me up and when I got tired I was calmer. Moments of calm helped my brian.

feeling stronger helped me fight through some of my negative symptoms a little more and that helped my self confidence, which in turn helped my brain.

Body and Mind, you can’t have one without the other.


I’m so sorry to hear, Wave. Did your psych meds cause the liver damage?

Yes hi Anthony, right now I think the damage to my liver is minor, and might be reversible as soon as I am off of the Depakote ER completely. It is the psych medication and I am in the process of getting off of it with my doctors orders
Thanks for your support as always

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Definitely! You have my support. I’m sending positive and healing energy your way :slight_smile:



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