Physical Health vs. Mental Health


Been odd times for me. I got off all the heavy doses of mental drugs and I have made a big comeback physically. Went from 286 pounds to 212. I also got my creativity back but my mental health is worse for sure. I’m not really sure where the balance is. I’m noticeably more eccentric but I guess it doesn’t matter.


Drug is drug. I like your decision.
I can not advice you.
Because I quit immediately so there was no addiction.
There will be person who successfully quit
long time medication.
My advice is sudden quitting is dangerous.
I believe you are professional.


physicaly i have the body of a greek god !
mentaly i am a ’ banana split ’ !
take care


For me mental health is more important. That’s why I’m still on zyprexa though I have diabetes, which I am dealing with in other ways.