What's your daily routine?

Waking up at 6am, taking a shower, taking my meds,buying my morning coffee,going to the gym, coming home eating lunch, going to work, coming home, going online, taking my night meds. Falling asleep around 8pm or 9ish.


It’s summer… since it’s light out so early…

Waking up around 5:00 when my sis gets up… if I’m up when she’s getting ready for her morning shift… she’ll make me breakfast. Take the meds with my breakfast and coffee. Feed my fish…

She goes off to work… I hang here until I have to shower and get ready for my job. (I can shower now)

Work my shift… could be 6 hours could be 9 depending on the work request sheets. (parks department… landscaping and park maintenance) Have lunch in a park… (I make my own lunch… or spring for a deli sandwich) I get about 40 hours a week… but it’s not a 8 hours every day… it’s very flex schedule.

Get off work… go for a swim at the pool my sister works at… come home have a tiny dinner… take a walk… play outside… or do a spot of night fishing. See my girlfriend or my best friend. Or both…

Take the night meds… feed my fish… go to bed.


get up at 9, feed the dogs, have 1/3 cigarette, take my meds, eat breakfast, putts around the house, have lunch, have 1/3 cigarette, got to the gym, do errands, eat supper, feed the dogs, listen to the radio, write letters or make plans, have 1/3 a cigarette, empty the dishwasher, eat a bedtime snack. Bedtime is 11pm. The days vary but that’s the usual.

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I get up at 7:00 am, I drink some caffeine and throw up a little. Then I go to my psychology classes. After classes I go to the gym for an insanely rigorous workout. On my way home I scare just about everybody who looks at me twice. When I come home I wind down and then go out somewhere for some free sex, then I come home and stare at the mirror.

Oh, wait just a dang minute. I’m confusing myself with @mortimermouse!


I get up and head for the coffee maker, down a couple of cups. Make a bowl of granola with yogurt and blueberries with almonds on top for my husband.
Feed the indoor cats, feed the outdoor cats, make sure they have lots of water too.
Then if husband goes to work, I spend an enormous amount of time doing something small and ridiculous, like scrape the stuff out of the closet door cracks, or pick through the huge tub of old mail.
Sometimes it takes me all day to gather enough stuff to start a project, but for most days, I barely make a dent in the housework that keeps piling up faster than I can make a “2do list”.
Somehow, I end up making a bigger mess than before I started.
Sigh…and I always go to bed exhausted.

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You forgot arguing with my reflection, not just merely staring at the mirror like a normal person…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::jack_o_lantern::mushroom:

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Wake up, pace, write a letter, pace, walk the break wall, drive home and pace, read Richard Dawkins, and pace.

On Tuesdays and Wednesdays I go to therapy.

On Mondays and Fridays I tend to my cacti and whisper tender things into their flesh. And of course smear paint, coffee grounds, and nutella over myself to make prints. And camouflaging in my community. Ek, you don’t see me!!!

On good days wake up around 3:00a.m., make a cup of coffee, stream jazz from the internet and paint, watch the news, watch a tv program about artists and the art world, sit on the front porch and smoke cigs and look up at the sky. If its a great day i’ll read something biblical that lifts my mood.

On bad days i smoke all day and get verbally and physically abused by the “voices”, i pace, i talk out loud to myself, i get into arguments with people, cry, and just be miserable

i communicate with my master…
" what is your bidding my master "…then go from there . :imp:
take care :alien:


During school, like serious classes not this silly art class I’m in right now

Wake up
Breakfast and meds
Out the door
Research or more class
Shower and shave and floss and brush and pee in the shower
Stumble drip slip till I fall in bed with a bottle of meds and a Heath Ledger bobble head.
Play on phone somewhere in there like between classes while eating while in bed with the bottle of meds and Heath Ledger bobble head.

hey congrats on the showering :shower:
take care :alien:

Hey art classes ain’t silly :imp:

During the summer i don’t work at school
( should have but im only a volunteer) and i rent my place for two Norwegian lesbians so i kinda don’t have to work until Autumn :sunglasses:
So Im
Taking a sleep/coffee breaks between 1-6am
Cheking on the forum at…well right now
Back to sleep for another two hours
Get up get meds shower
Coffee break
Kid is off to kindergarten/ my mom’s home
Me is off to my lover’s place/ bar/ beach
Time with my son
Coffee break
Cheking out an available couch
Other addictions
House work
We watch CN together/ play video games, i lose
Bed time
Chat internet porn …what?
And all over again

Life is good?!

I usually get up between 9-10 am, eat a dumpling and have a cup of coffee, take morning meds, then surf on internet for 1-2 hours, because my morning sedation makes it impossible to do anything. After 12 noon, I start doing reading and writing, both in English and Chinese, updating my blog on Chinese SZ forum. About 3 pm, I eat my lunch and go out for a walk or jogging. Sometimes doing small shopping like buying a bottle of milk or a box of dumplings. Between 5-7 pm, I cook dinner. 7pm, my dinner time with my husband. 8-9pm, go for a walk around the park with my husband. 11pm, I go to bed.

it changes from day to day, its never really the same, like yesterday i went to my mums for the day and then spent a night watching my nephew play football and talking to my sister.

After 3,5 years of recovery since my last psychotic break this is my daily routine!!
I wake up at 7 am.
Go for jogging/walking for one hour.
Have a shower.
Go to my parents workplace for help.
Prepare lunch.
Wash the dishes.
Take my siesta.
Surf the internet/news/music/chat.
Have a workout for 30’.
Read a book.
Watch a show like South park or Game of thrones.
Brush my teeth.
Go to sleep.