What's an average day for you guys?

Just curious. I don’t seem to do much but lay on my couch and watch TV.

Alarm set for 5am and I usually beat it up by half an hour or so. Depends if I wan’t to sleep in a bit!

Have some cereal and take morning meds at 5 am. Walk around the house for a couple of hours whilst I watch bad reality shows I’ve recorded. Could really use a treadmill but it’s a tiny house and no room so I make do with just walking briskly up and down the hall and around the house.

Have second breakfast when parents get up. Usually cooked bacon and eggs. Go for a walk around the block at around 10am. Walk for half an hour. Spend some time on the puter. Have lunch around 12pm and then usually play a computer game or surf the net. Just bought an rc vehicle so stuff around with that for a bit in the afternoon. Dinner about 6pm then night meds and to bed around 7pm. ( I get up early so have to go to sleep early! ). Now that is an average day if I’m not volunteering or playing cricket!


Sounds like you live a pretty productive life to be honest! Do you go out much?

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I like my life. It’s good whilst parents still alive. Mum is pretty crook at the moment but surviving!

I volunteer at my cricket club. It’s an hour away in the city so I usually go in a couple of days a week and do like 4 hours or so just mowing the oval and other jobs. It’s good to have something regular that gets you out of the house. I play cricket on the weekends all year round but we have some time off between seasons at the moment!

Sometimes I’ll catch up with friends but that is usually it!


I’m glad you’re doing well! I’m not dx’d as schizo or Sza but I have bad issues from drug withdrawal at the moment and been experiencing alot of stress. Haven’t been talking to many friends either lately but I’m just scared for the future. I think once I get thru this slump I’ll be able to go back to taking classes and working.


This is my average day:

Around 8 am I get up. In the morning I usually have a cup of coffee while browsing the internet. Between 10am and 12 am I read a book by taking a lot of short breaks.

In the afternoon I take a 5-10 minutes nap then brew a pot of tea and start to read another book. Between 3pm-5pm I listen to radios for local news or music and talk with my sister via WeChat.

Between 5pm-7pm I cook dinner. 8pm-9pm I watch news and economic reports on TV. 9pm-10pm I take a walk in the park. 11pm I go to bed.


Get up at noon. Do some stuff around the house. Hang out with my kids. Drink a bunch of coffee. 5:00 make supper. Hang out with kids. Sleep around 11:00.

When my kids are at their dad’s place i have appointments and walking club. Other than that i sit around doing nothing


During the summer which will be ending on Monday when the fall semester starts I would wake up at 5:30am grab Meds and coffee drive to the subway station and take the subway into the city. Typically I would arrive at my destination between 7:30am and 8am. I skip breakfast because the Meds sometimes make me nauseous. I would start volunteering sometimes before anybody else showed up. When the other intern was in on the same day as me we would go to lunch together and get pizza. We both have trouble talking so we typically don’t say much. Otherwise I would eat by myself. I would spend a little bit of time talking to the workers there and my supervisor. Sometime between 4pm and 6pm I would head home and usually get home before 8pm. I volunteered between 3-4 days a week this summer. When i got home I would get dinner and watch tv with my parents and brother and talk to them. I would then take a shower and then spend some time on forums or internet searches. Take my Meds and try to get to bed before 10pm and repeat. On the days I wasn’t volunteering I spent most of the time doing homework for my online political science class. I go to school on campus during the year but I found an online summer class. A couple of weeks during the summer I went to church on Sunday mornings with my parents. Last weekend we went up north a couple of hours for vacation near the river and redwoods. Also I pet my cat and pray for about half an hour while in bed before falling asleep. That was my summer. This upcoming fall semester is going to be really stressful because I’m going to try to get a job and go to interviews and stuff on top of school and volunteering two days a week.


I get up around 5, relax and play online, then go to work around 8 am back around 3 pm then waste the rest of the day online

Living the dream…


Wow, it seems like you guys really do alot during the day.

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I get up at 9am, feed the dog. Twice a week, I shower. Empty the dish washer, read, browse the computer, play free cell, do a load of laundry, dry and fold, do a few errands down town at least once a week. Food - I often skip breakfast, regular lunch and supper and bedtime snacks. In bed by 11pm but rarely sleep for hours. so I read, get on the computer or write letters.


If I may ask with no offense intended, is there a reason you only shower twice a week?

No. I just think it’s enough. I don’t particularly like to shower so I have to make myself do it. I remember once I went 3 months without showering so I’m doing relatively well, now.


Oh ok that’s understandable. Well I’m glad you are getting into a routine.

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I have my breakfast, my lunch then I do running, then I go the gym, then I just relax until 10 pm when I study. Help! I’m wasting my life!

I know I am wasting my life away. I hardly sleep at night because of my medication. But I usually get up 9am. Shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, do dishes, clean kitchen. Then onto this forum reading posts, then instagram, then YouTube. Then some daytime tv. That is basically my life. Sad but when you are depressed you can’t really do much.

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I get up before eight o’clock in the morning or stay in bed until my nursing service arrives. Then there are days where I lie down immediately after the nursing service is gone. But most of the time I smoke a few cigarettes and have to go to the bathroom. Every two days I go shopping for groceries. Today, for example, I was grocery shopping. Tomorrow I have to go shopping again because shops in Germany are closed on Sundays.

Basically getting up between seven and eight in the morning. First smoking, then on the toilet. Turn on the laptop, turn on the TV. Then smoke, watch TV and surf the internet. In between, always something to eat. Have no fixed mealtimes. Wait until evening for the last time the nursing service has come. Continue watching TV, surfing, smoking and eating. In the course of the day again and again in the bed. Depending on sometimes showers. But was never more than a day without a shower this summer.

Maybe my dad or brother will come to my room. After they have finished the work. At the moment I have to go out with my cousin’s dog twice a day while he’s working. But that is not normal, something that happens only once a year for a short time.

Lately i get up somewhere between 3:30 and 6:00 in the morning, put on a record, make a beat, or listen to some of my old beats till about a little after 8. Talk to my dad while im doing all that and helping him put on his shoes and leg braces. I also have coffee around that time as well. But after 8 i go for a two mile walk down the street and back home. After 9 i go to my complex gym and hit the treadmill for an hour and 5 walking and jogging between 4 and 5 mph. When im done i usually go for another 2 mile walk. Depends on how im looking on the scale. Then for the rest of the day i browse the internet while listening to music… before sz my life was little more interesting but of course i could feel like this because of the meds and or illness. Idk stuff has changed and its kind of lame now but whatever

I get up at 5am everyday. Smoke and drink coffee listening to heavy metal.

I get to work early to beat the rush hour when it’s really busy, and then spend all day working, smoking and drinking coffee!

I then come home, and do all the above except work.

Weekends are a bit of a bust at the moment as I have no idea how to structure my free time. I just end up sleeping a lot as I think the four day week is still a bit much for working.

My pdoc says that managing to work is enough to worry about, so he’s not bothered by the rest of it. The social stuff.


It can vary depending if I’m in a depression but on good days I’ll talk to my Gramma a bit. Maybe whittle. Read. Play PS4. Chat with my neighbors. On bad days I’m lucky to pull myself out of bed and even get a bite to eat can be tough.