What's with my feelings

Since that time I hit the hospital I’ve been taking meds and I stopped feeling joy or sadness or anything else. I feel myself like a zombie living the life with no sense. I stopped having fun from walking in the night city, having nice meal and stuff like that.

Is that something related to my disease or is it drugs that block dopamine receptors or whatever…?

could be the meds. Give them some time to work and for the side-effects to lessen, they seem to be stronger in the beginning.

I had that for a while when I first got diagnosed. I don’t know if it is the meds but it happened to me when I first was on meds. It could be your body adjusting to the meds. It got better for me and it dissipated I am successful right now and wanted to tell you it does get better.

When one blows up their brain and gets sz they start trying to think without a brain and end up in psychosis. And is taken in the hospital. There they give them ap. Ap blocks 80% of brain cells. Now the body realizes too that the person has no brain. And starts to organize life without a brain or thinking without the brain.

The numbness means your brain is gone.

Welcome to planet anhedonia, it’s a gift from the meds…


Thanks for clarify. That’s exactly what I was looking for

What is AP here? What does it mean?

antipsychotic 15151515

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Well dopamine is responsible for making you feel emotions. It makes sense to me that blocking dopamine could cause you not to feel emotions anymore. Welcome to the schizophrenia club. I have this problem too.


Looks like my problem is gone when decreasing Abilify dose from 20mg to 15mg after 2 weeks. Just once I started feeling. Not that much but enough for life.

Good! Happy that you regained some emotion. I for the same reason decreased my meds to the tiniest dose I can function with. Now I’m feeling joy and love and sadness again… which feels much better than the zombiefeeling.