Do you have emotions on your antipsychotic?

hi people.
I went out today to the shop. I was less paranoid but I feel a bit dumb. bont intellectually and emotionally. I wonder if ill remain like this or I need time to adjust to my meds… it took me 7 months already to see my paranoia diminished. but I would like to feel positive in my emotions, its hard to be a zombie like…

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Doesn’t affect my emotions. The only thing it might do is help prevent angry outbursts (although, I rarely get those even before I started taking an AP).

ok, thanks. my anger Is better already on Depakote and Zyprexa. me, I have it realy often and in too much. i have an irritability too…

I no longer have emotions. But this is due to my illness, I can’t blame the antipsychotic for it.

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I felt a little emotionally numb when I started the Anti psychotics but I think as the dr modifies the antidepressants u will get ur emotions back, I hope this helps…

No. No positive emotions at least. I’m very negative, unempathic and zombielike, whereas normally I was positive, caring and emotional. Which is why I have been lowering my meds. It seems to help a tiny bit. I have discussed things with my psych and will lower meds some more. I have personally chosen to accept some delusional symptoms, because I’m rather a little delusional and happy than sane and numb. It’s a difficult tradeoff! I hope you find a solution!

ok, thank you. ill remain on the current dose now and ill see for the future. otherwise, I discover now even how to talk wow… I dont know if I should worry on this too. with all my past years of despair and isolation… I dont know if I suffer from a real dumbness or I cant get better faster on this cause I sometimes dont get simple things… maybe lack of imagination too wow…

Years of therapy my emotions have started to comeback big time. What a rides that’s been. Between what I’ve done to myself to not want to feel anything and the meds reducing my emotions I’m starting to feel actually human again instead of just this semi existing thing.

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That is the goal for me. To feel human again, instead of feeling possessed, and hoping it doesn’t take hold again. Got to, got to!

in the general run of things, i’m pretty blank. without a direct stimulus, i mean. i have to relax to experience emotions when i just think about things. when there is a stimulus, i have a choice between experiencing the emotion and reacting or talking about it. i can’t experience intense emotions and examine and discuss them at the same time. my brain just shorts out.

Yeah, I experience emotions. Antipsychotics can indeed seem to numb emotions compared to the extravaganza of mania and psychosis, but I suspect some of the people complaining about feeling ‘numb and nothing’ on antipsychotics are romanticizing psychosis a bit by pretending that you can’t feel anything on antipsychotics. That’s just a gut feeling though. I understand that a lot of times medications do affect the way you feel and think and that it can be very real.

its been 8 months on emds. sometimes I am emotional. but often I am still very numb intellectually and emotionally. its hard, I would like to feel my spirit once forever wow :). do you think that I should wait in order to adjust to meds? you got used to your meds after so many months? maybe this med just makes me dumb in my thoughts and I dont have emotions as result idk…