What's the worst thing you've done because of psychosis?

What’s the worst thing you’ve done because of psychosis? I’ve done a lot of things I regret. I followed my command hallucinations.
The things I’ve done runs on my head constantly. I’m filled with guilt and remorse I just can’t shake it off.

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Guilt Fed.

Remorse Fed.

Reality Is The Illusion.

Swimming In The Sky.

I Cannot Breathe, , ,

I Tried. . . . . . .

I have too much remorse so I know what it’s like. What do you do to get rid of it? Not everyone can understand sz


There’s A Song That Sing’s, , ,

‘Be Constructive With Your Blues’. . .

I Lean My Weary With Art. . .

Little Sacrifice Since I Love To Engage, Love To Raise The Bar, And Love Inspiration. . .

I Don’t Have Much Patience To Seek For Approval. . .

Feedback Is Usually Rare. . .


In The End, Truth Remains…, It’s Fulfilling, , , And Gives Me A Sense Of Purpose. . . . . . .

Well that’s a nice attitude you’ve got. What sort of art do you do? . But have u done anything awful because of a psychotic episode?


Art. Yea, Art. What Else Would It Be Called My Shadow Ask’s.

It’s All Music With Me. Has Been Since Many, Many, Many Quiet Moons Ago.

It’s The Only Thing That Makes Any Sense Whatsoever In Times Like Forever Past Pictures.

I Only Have One Acoustic Guitar And Piano After The Last Storm.


There’s That I Suppose. . .

Psychotic Episodes For Me Is The Landscape Of Endless Spirituality And Eternal Fountains.

It’s A Universe That Exist’s Inside Of The Air. . .

You Cannot Uncover The Veil Of Oxygen While In The Trance Of Modern Society Complexity.

But!, I Find A Universes Shadow Revealed During Psychosis.

The Worst I Did Was Never Against Any Law.

If Anything, Slightly Harmful To My Aura And Shadow’s Memories.

Trusting What Should Not Be Trusted. Not Realizing The Hordes Of Mass Slaughter Deep In Lies.

I’m Sure Thus Does Not Answer Your Question In Full. But!, It’s A Project I’m Still Working On.

Keeps It Cools!.

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Well, nothing too extreme.
I have found the Instagram accounts of two women working on tv shows and i have contacted them.
I was embarrassed after that.
In the first case, i asked her to stop looking at me via television. In the second case, i told her that i know she loves me

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The voices told me that my cousins uncle was the leader of the IRA in my town, and I had to meet him in order to join the IRA in my area. I hesitated fora couple of weeks trying to make my mind up, then I rang him to tell him I was coming over, I thought he knew all about what the IRA were doing to me. So I fianllly went over one day after failing to go on the run, I went in we talked a bit then that quickly went awkward we ran out of things to talk about, then I blurt out ya know I’d love to fight for my country, he had no idea what I was talking about. I didn’t say anymore because I thought he didn’t want to talk about it but really he had no clue about the IRA or anything they were doing to me, he was just a sweet innocent old man. I’m glad I didn’t mention I wanted to join the IRA to him, would’ve proper freaked him out. I met with him twice

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Once, I was so impulsive that you almost have to call it psychosis, and I smashed a couple of windows with my fist.

One other time, being erotomanic, I e-mailed a woman (thinking she was in love with me) daily and was eventually accused of threatening her.

I feel more embarrassment than remorse, but I do regret these episodes.


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Guilt running through your head is like a broken record player. It’s not based on logic or meaning to punish you. Cerebral cortex is doing that because its wired itself to so try to proceed with your day. When I’m on- medication it happens less / occurs in a way that I can handle. Of course I would recommend medicine.–

Worst thing I did on psychosis idk for sure but there was one time I threatened someone with a weapon.–

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When I was psychotic and inpatient, my delusions made SMOM a nervous wreck. I thought the nurses techs and docs were trying to kill me.

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My hallucinations of terrorists led me from the South Coast of England to the Channel Tunnel into Paris

I had 3% battery left on my phone and managed to call my mother and she came and got me

Scary stuff. I was riding trains thinking I was being psychologically manipulated.

It was really, really weird and ■■■■■■ up


I don’t really recall,
just that I was making major mistakes
at my job,
nearly shut the whole warehouse down.
seems pretty funny now. ha.

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I had a tendency to be aggressive toward my partner, and the pdoc who were trying to help me. It is not something i care to remember.

Thinking what was going on was real, getting a power ego. Now I dont know whats going on in my brain, I feel like a walking corpse.

All my memories were wiped out, I feels.like I have brain regressed

I think I did the worse things here, I injured my brother with a knife while psychotic. I was sure that he was stealing my energy and was causing my sz telepathically by being alive.

It going to spell out what happened but was sexual towards another girl in an abusive way
My actions were based on belief that it was what she wanted me to do and asked me to do

Same logic for another act of violence, I punched a nurse twice in the face

Tried to kill myself to go be with the voices. Believed they were angels and real.

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Suicide sucks too, I almost killed myself twice to prove that I am immortal God. Both times ended up in the emergency, once for intentional overdose poisoning and once for an intentional car accident at 200kmh.

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That’s rough. It’s hard.

One of the reasons I’m so pro med is because of it, I would of hurt a lot of people, don’t want to go back there.

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