Whats the longest time you have been without a relapse

Just wondering mine is 10 years without a relapse or medication


Really? I am so jealous. I always have something


I was diagnosed with brief psychotic mood disorder when I was twenty didnt have a relapse or medication for ten years before I was diagnosed with schizophrenia

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How was your life without meds? Now, are you on meds? 3

My concentration has improved and I am more organized than ever, also have zero anxiety. I dont feel a full range of emotions though and am just mostly content all the time or bored. When I was off the meds my moods were unstable and my anxiety and paranoia was high, but I thought my anxiety and paranoia was normal.

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3 years without relapse.


I haven’t had a full blown relapse in the last three years. My last hospitalization was four years ago.


2014-2017 I avoided hospitals

But I wasn’t necessary stable.

Well I’ve been living out of hospitals or sober houses or rehabs for a year now.

I hope to never be in patient again.

Five years without meds 2007-2012
Then my sza came back
On meds I’d say my longest time out of hospital is 2015-2018

My biggest winning streak is the one I’m on now. 5.5 years without a relapse.


About 4 years 2012-2016.
Relapsed 2016, 2019. Not good…
Hopefully I won’t have to deal with relapse. Because they really take a toll on me… but I know I need to be prepared.

10 months and i was off meds. For some reason not having to deal with secondary negative symptoms allowed me to do activities and ignore the paranoia. On meds i last about 3 months on average. I got my diagnosis three years ago and have been in hospital a lot. Lots of 3 day stays to keep me safe from suicide mostly. And quite a few 2 weeks stays for med changes.

Maybe a year tops.

13 years so far this time

before was 7 yrs then 6 weeks florid,
1 yr later - another 3 months
5 yrs (followed by almost a year of psychosis)
and 1 yr later (followed by nearly another year psychosis)
now 13 years

all with medication i would not go without ever again

Six years without a relapse.

2 years…

About 2 years. But was heavily medicated during that and still somewhat symptomatic. But that’s the longest I’ve gone without needing to be hospitalized.

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I used to be in and out of hospitals and crisis stabilization houses like every year until I got into this very good adult foster care home. Now, it’s been 12 years and counting. I did have pneumonia 2 1/2 years ago but my mind was ok.

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I have been very stable for 7 years since my last hospitalization in the summer of 2012, thanks to Amisulpride.

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From 1990-2015.

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