Anyone gone 20 years without serious symptom relapse? It has been 12 years since my last admission

I never thought in a million years this could happen to me

i got married, living together since 2010…

my sister is the one with no one at the minute and for several years and only abusive relationships


If only i could set her up with a blind date

What’s your secret?


That’s a great success story! I’m coming up to 4 years of no hospitalisations! :grinning:


The longest i had ever heard of someone staying out of hospital with serious schizophenria was 10 years
and that was someone i spoke to inside the hospital

Let me do a poll…


4 years is a good stretch
don’t do anything that pushes the boundaries of what is possible

by possible i mean for us


Been sick since 2011. Longest I’ve been out of the hospital was 2 years. Just went back a couple weeks ago. :neutral_face:

It has only been 1 year since I became med stable. So far, no symptoms. I’m living a good life I don’t want illness no more lol…

My last relapse was in 1989-90. I was in the hospital for two days two years ago; I wasn’t psychotic or anything I just felt suicidal after my mom died.


My last psychosis and hospitalization was in 1997. I was having visual and auditory hallucinations. I also had severe delusions. My long term prognoses was very poor. Doctors told my mom I’d probably have to be institutionalized.

It’s been 21 years since my last hospitalization. Over the past 10 years I rarely have hallucinations. Only when I’m really stressed. I get paranoid a lot and my nerves are always on edge. I’m also very good at hiding my illness. So much so a lot of people don’t think there is anything wrong with me.

I take my medication every day. I’m not cured but I’m stable.


26 years. A number that will live in infamy.


Got diagnosed in 2003. My remission lasted from 2006-2012. About six years with unnoticed symptoms, five of them off meds. But in 2012 I relapsed and went to hospital in 2013. Went twice more after that, the last time was in 2015 so been out of hospital for 3 years. Been pretty stable since as I am on meds that work for me.


I went 22 years before my serious relapse about 3 years ago with the exception of a bad drug reaction. I was constantly trying to find the newest drug to completely get rid of my symptoms. I recovered pretty quickly from the first bad reaction. The second bad reaction was much more serious and involved eventually a full relapse and in a way I’m still trying to recover 3 years later.


The last time i had to go to the hospital was around 14-15 years ago. Afterwards i started taking my meds again regularly. It took a while for my symptoms to clear up, but I’ve been getting better and better as time went on.


is that the longest possible? :slight_smile:
i would not be surprised.

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I’ve been pretty stable since getting on meds in 1999 so I’d say I’m getting close to twenty! It’s a work in progress and I’ve done poorly in certain periods but avoided psychosis. I do take the pills religiously!


I have been stable since 3 years .at that time i got first psychotic episode.fingers crossed for future.


It is really good to hear these success stories.

i have had small tiny bits of psychosis - mild and on and off symptoms for 2 - 3 days a couple of times

but not anything bad really for almost 12

i think i had only ever come across one schizophrenic in hospital in remission for 10 years until that relapse

i could not believe 10 years at the time


i hope that you continue to be well.

don’t mess around with your meds is the only one thing you can do for yourself.