Whats the greatest thing you have ever done?

Who or what?..

I orchestrated and lived through my second childhood. Found gifts therein.

I hate to brag, but I’ll go ahead. One time in the army we were on this platoon confidence course in Bad Tolz, Germany, run by the special forces. We did escape and evasion, land navigation, rock climbing, knot tying, and a lot of other fun stuff. We were on this mountain march, and this was the one place during this course where we were really tested. We were carrying sixty pound packs in heavy snow on a two day march. On the second day the whole platoon was getting to a place where everyone was really, really tired. We were getting to the point where we were getting ready to sit down and say we needed a good rest before we went any farther. Moral was on the verge of collapsing. We were going up the side of this hill, and there was this sled that we pulled along that carried all our radios - about six or seven of them The sled had quit making progress up the hill, and it was careening from side to side, hitting the trees as we tried to go up. It was making a “whack, whack, whack sound.” In my exhaustion, I saw that morale was fixing to break. So, pushing myself really hard, I struggled through the snow up to the sled, and grabbed four radios off it. I yelled, “Let’s get over this hump!” The sled stopped careening from side to side, and everybody started digging in and making progress going over the hill. Just on the other side of the hill was the place where we would bed down for the night. The special forces guys who were guiding us started telling us a lot of stories about different units on that march whose morale had cracked. They said the medic in one unit actually threw away his first aid kit. I think they were impressed by us.


Yeah - my daughter is 13 now, but i still call her my dumpling cos she was chubby when she was born bless her. My daughter will always be my baby girl too! :blush:


breaking my middle school one mile record in 5:36


The only thing of note that I have done is to keep the same job for just over 31 years.


I can’t think of greatest thing. Maybe when I worked on an island resort in a tradejob. My friends told me “I rock”

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