Whats the greatest thing you have ever done?

I was a fairly good mother. My daughter has a much better job and makes a lot more money than I ever did and I graduated from Michigan State University.


Thank you very much. I feel so good about myself.

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I went hang-gliding with my dad, and fell 14 feet out of the sky and lived.

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Just finished writing a book, best thing I’ve ever done.

One quarter in high school I got a 4.5 gpa (by far the highest I’ve ever gotten) and performed piano concertos with the high school orchestra. I thought I was going to be so successful in high school before I got this illness.

Can i know how you recovered from mental ilness. What have you done to achive that? Can i ask also if you were diagnosed with a severe mental problem or just somthing that you can recover more easily? Only if im not bothering…

Im schizo-affective bi-polar type +OCD+substance abuse. I noticed there is no cure for mental illness, but you can recover greatly if you do the right things. For me, its staying sober, taking my meds every day at the same time and a little bit of luck. I also go to therapy 10+ hours a week and AA/NA 7+ hours a week. So A LOT of talk therapy really seems to help. And this board too. I replaced my addictions with recovery, its not so bad.

My little girl is 21 now but when I think of her I see that little baby I gave birth to.

You :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: silly 15151515

Congrats 1515151

I made a great lasagne.

It fed three of us and the dogs even got a mouthful each.

I am able to make good and even great food so thankful for the ability I do have.

I have a great man so I can not be all bad to have such a great man.
Unless he digzzz da all bad galzzz
No but I try to be a good girl friend and I am a better person since I nolonger drink alcohol.

I assist him and make coffee etc and I hope I enriches the life of my stepmum or the other woman who raised me and is seen as my parent cause she helped me with home work , gave me place to live, I turn to her and she helped me with government byracracy years ago etc
And I hope to enriches others too with my existence (and great lasagne)


My old church sold sandwiches (pulled pork) to help raise money to send the pastor to Uganda :uganda: to help the poor ppl there. Food is important

Best thing I’ve done is find religion.

Greatest thing I’ve done is get a GED. Second greatest is spending hundreds of hours making an aim training program in a first-person-shooter game.

I’ve traveled places too, like Britain and India and the USA, that might count for something.

My life is not very impressive.

I’ve been working on my fitness. Fitness pizza into my mouth that is :relieved:

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Sorry you’ve been suspended Chess,
But it is great you are taking class at open university.

you’ve written books?

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Yeah just two I’m still working on. Might not release them for a while though. They’re finished but still in editing stages.


Are they fiction or NF?

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theyre fictionalized but a lot is based on my life. my next book will be a philosophy book though I plan on starting soon

I really don’t have the imagination to write completely fiction books but every couple years Ive gained enough life experience to write a book on it for what its worth

That’s awesome.

i’ve thought about writing a book, 'specially seeing as a bunch of people i met on the walkabout i did recently, told me i should, but not sure i can, because sometimes i think, there’s nothing that’s been written, that hasn’t already been written, and it’s not fame or fortune i’m looking for, i don’t know how i would go about writing a book that would bring all the Glory to my Faith