Whats the greatest thing you have ever done?

Damn, i cant think of any right now but ill be back


I eat i poop… thats the great thing i do all this year…


And u walk.

I suggest you become a professional photographer it is good job for you


I made a family for someone other than myself.


I found my graduation degree after SZA.


Thats good rex.

I wish i could make a family oneday


ive written books and ive recovered from mental illness a lot


Nothing great. But finding pleasure in small achievements is good enough for most of us!


There’s a few things that I’m proud of, buying my new car, graduating, etc. Most recent though is rescuing a bluejay from my cat.


I won some gaming tournaments…


Many years ago I yelled STOP at the top of my lungs when a 10 year old boy was walking across the road without looking both ways.

He immediately stopped and stared in my direction…while a speeding SUV whizzed by him, with the side view mirror just brushing his ear. Just one more step and that little boy would’ve been killed.

I saved his life, but it’s not something that would ever make the newspapers.


I brought 2 amazing people into the world



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I got my master’s degree in spite of psychosis.


I studied mathematics at the open university of Israel.


I just bought a Taoist book and it’s the greatest purchase I’ve ever made!


I helped get my gf son back from a bad ex husband in New Mexico…and I saved a boy from falling to his death when he was hanging off a ledge in a big building in college. proud of that.


I was a witness at someones wedding…

I think just accepting myself for who I am. Being ABDL. So I like throwing a blanket on the floor and messing around with Legos. I still enjoy swings at the park and I’m totally in my element playing blocks with my 1 year old nephew. It’s who I am and IDGARA. :slight_smile:

What is your prescent religion?

I saved my sacred neigh from the “doggers”(becoming dog meat).

Some people said “do you want her?if you do not take her we will take her to the doggers”.
She was starved and full of ticks and infection.

She is one of the best things to ever happen to me.
She seees the vet at least once a year for vaccinations and a teeth file.
A bit hot at the moment but changing feed to improve that.

Also my baby dog .
My grandma who had dogs all her life said my dog is the best dog she has ever known of.
I used to go for bike rides with her in the bag in front of the bike.

She made people happy.
When lots of people saw her it made them happy.
Some hated her but they probably hated all animals.

I have not mourned her yet but she died in Sweden while I was in Australia.

I love her and miss her but have my bf dogs .

Getting my license was a huge thing because it tilook me so many y ars of failure before I finally got it on a automatic.

It could of been great to others cause it angled me to visit my neigh n buy food for her etc

Also I worked for a while and drove to these places.

My aged care certificate took me two years but came of no good because I could not work although I did my best I could.

I think I may of done good in spirit such as assisted and helped or just hanging out .

I think I made my mum laugh a couple of times but that would be like hitting my toe on a door and she thought that was funny .lol
My ma and I can probably have a nasty humour but we still care etc

I may of given comfort and assistance to some.

I made a jumper for Anders and a baby one .

Little things can be great too such as doing the dishes and making coffee for a guest etc

I can not think of great things I’ve done but I’m pretty sure there are great things I’ve done.

Getting through …hopelessness apathy and mental health etc …

Things got better