What's the craziest thing you've done during an episode?

I tried to swim across a river and got naked in the streets.


I might be arrested if I share.

I’m not proud of my worst moments.

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I drove to another province and threw a rock at an outdoor movie theater screen…

Then I took off and waved my white t-shirt in surrender to the sky. I thought satellite cameras were watching me from above. I felt 6 billion people were mocking and laughing at me…and I just wanted the show I felt I was in to end.


during my first psychosis, I bought a ticket and travelled across the globe to see my family. I had lost touch with reality completely and I still remember, I was sitting alone in the airport and laughing out loud for hours. Everybody was starring at me, maybe they thought I was high. I also almost harassed a guy I knew. I didn’t even like him. Getting naked on the streets sounds fun, you could get arrested though.


Was homeless, got drunk bought a ticket to Seattle, got there, sobered up. Then flew back to MN that night. Was like $1200 wasted.


I just ran/drove around like a madman for two weeks. Caught the voice of a particular girl in my head. Thought it was real. We were coworkers. The voice kept telling me all kinds of â– â– â– â– . I was listening to. Went in when she was working and tried to give her a kiss. Hah. Yeah got suspended then eventually fired.

Not to proud of this, but it did set me up to know to never listen to commands from the voices.

They were still shaping my world image though, two weeks after that I drove to another town that I used to live in to visit a friend. Was trying to escape the voices which had been telling me to kill myself constantly for 3 days. Got into that town and ■■■■ exploded. Stayed up all night sitting on her kitchen floor because I couldn’t sleep and as a smoker had to step outside occasionally. After she woke up, (thinking she was in on it) I figured I’d make her watch me die, attempted to slice my throat. And that began my journey through hospitals and onto the path I’m on now.

Not proud of that either.

Yeah I’m not proud of it but am curious to hear the stories. Btw, trying to swim across that river was pretty treacherous, I’m lucky I made it out alive. Got sucked through all kinds of rapids and in a moment of sanity I thought to swim and attach myself behind a bridge girder where the water current had eased up and using all my strength was able to climb up on it. Somebody saw me struggling in the river as the sun was going down and called 911. I was rescued by some firefighters on a raft. I thought it was the Illuminati that had rescued me and I ended up in the hospital where I was studied by a lot of doctors, it was pretty crazy. I thought the hospital was in the astral and that I had died and I was in the afterlife. I think I thought I was a member of the royal family too. Lots of crazy stuff.

When I got naked in the streets I thought my clothes had special powers or something and were contaminated, I eventually wound up wrapping myself around a fire hydrant where I had fire ants eating my legs up I thought they were cleansing my soul all the while the cops put me in a blanket and took me to the hospital.

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Yeah the “illuminati” was involved with my first delusional world view as well.

I’ll repeat my old post…

This past January I escaped from the psych ward on a smoke break. I hopped in a cab and drove to Parliament Hill here in Canada. I had 5 gifts I wanted to give to our Prime Minister…

  1. A card with hearts on it for our Veterans.

  2. A lock with a combination number of 911 for the young men of this country.

  3. An orange for UNICEF (nothing rhymes with orange…every child is unique)

  4. My ballcap on which I had written Captain Stubing…to give to the World Health Organization

  5. A lock a homeless girl patient gave to me…for all of the women of the world.

The policeman at the roadblock stopped me and told me he wasn’t allowed to accept any gifts on our Prime Minister’s behalf, so I jumped back in the taxi with all of my stuff and returned to the hospital.

Never told my doc about that one…


It’s been three months and it still bothers me. The worst thing I did was throw out a good portion of my family’s possessions including most of the jewelry passed down or came from foreign countries, the (extremely rare) camera from my uncle. Almost all the photographs my family took on memory cards and CDs were thrown away. My iPod is thrown away so I can’t even listen to music now. A lot of my childhood possessions were thrown away. After the episode I thought the worst was over and I just needed to recover from trauma. Then I discovered that this mental disability is LIFELONG. Hope there is help for us all.

Other than what i’m not going to disclose I walk a lot when ill. Once walked over 100km in a few days. Very ticked when I realized I could of caught public transport and done it in a few hours. It was how I got home in the end.

I walk a lot too when Ill. I walked and biked so much, I was like a machine. Mainly to escape the voices, but really I could never escape!!!

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  • Walked at least 8-10 miles in a single night.
  • Had to strike/hit my head extremely hard & repeatedly numerous times.
  • Yelled in my deepest, but loudest possible voice back at the “hallucinations”. (had the police called numerous times for this one)
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I got a third refill on a large coke at McDonalds when I was only allowed two.


I would tell you,but then I would have to kill you. >:)

Ok, this is my confession. I got a sharp knife… and I was at a hotel… I felt like doing something very bad so… You know those those do not remove things on the mattresses? Well I got the knife and cut it off!

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!!! Even knowing that there could be civil and criminal penalties??? Did you get away with it??? Âż

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Man, even when I think I get the jokes, I never get the jokes.

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You dont wanna know

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