What's the best medications for negative symptoms?

What’s the best meds for negative symptoms?

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Abilify, Rexulti and Vraylar


I agree with everhopeful


@everhopeful which one are you taking and how long have you been taking It? What has improve for you since you been taking it?

There are none.

In my experience, Vraylar helps some but not 100% cure for negatives. I don’t know if what I experience is negatives or something else like say, depression, but I’ve noticed it does help me get involved with family and friends, as well as pets, again. My apathy has gone away though at the same time I don’t have mood swings either. It does give me a push to do what I need to do, though not fully a push, so I have a bit of a fix on motivation.
I wonder if I bumped up the dose on it, if it’d help me gain full effect of this med’s potential.
Edit: I also seem to enjoy things more, little pleasures like the heater turning on, please me.


Everyone is different. What one does for me or another is dependent on the individual. One can give akathisia or weight gain and another won’t get those symptoms at all.

Pharmagenomics can help establish which med is right for you. There are specific companies who’ll analyse your spit or take a swab and deliver the results, or you could have the raw data from 23and me dna test analysed by a company that can analyse which med you are sensitve to and the metabolic rate of it inside your body.

Here is a website that can provide cheap or free analysis of a 23andme dna test using their raw data:

This is your best bet to get the right med. A psychiatrist shoul be in the know about this testing now, and should be able to organise a test, but I don’t know whether you have insurance to get it cheaper.

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I’m taking abilify. I think for me it acts more of an antidepressant for my negative symptoms. Like I still have them but I don’t get depressed about them.


How long have you been taking it?

@Cipher How long have you been taking it?

I’ve been on it since 3 or 4 months, and still going.

@Cipher did it help with your cognition?

I’m not entirely sure it helped with cognition, what exactly with cognition do you wanna know?

@Cipher like help you think better

My thoughts aren’t too foggy on it, I don’t have too much trouble with cognition.

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@Cipher Thanks for the help

It’s no problem! Just thought to relay my experiences on this med, for anyone who’s curious.