Does Vraylar has same effect like minocycline 50 mg on negative symptoms?

Does Vraylar has same effect like minocycline 50 mg on negative symptoms???

or the same dull negative symptoms effect as on abilify, i wanna feel the music again ;(

I was given Vraylar from a physician (I’m un-diagnosed) as my first anti-psychotic. I wasnt on it long and it made me restless as hell

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I was on Vraylar for a little while.
It didn’t work for me so I lost my mind.
It also made me extremely wired and agitated.
But… it did help with Negative Symptoms.

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Wave the abilify way of negative symptoms or nuked negative symptoms?

What are you saying @jeroenp?
I don’t understand?

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Hi Wave, abilify doesnt treat all negative symptoms, its weak , but it has some effect on it

I have been on Abilify for years and was also on Vraylar for a short while.
Both drugs helped my Negative Symptoms but Vraylar was Superior over Abilify as far as treating my Negative Symptoms goes.

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Negative symptoms are caused by too little dopamine in some areas of the brain. Antipsychotics all reduce dopamine in the brain so currently they aren’t designed to treat negative symptoms, and actually tend to make them worse.

Some antipsychotics don’t reduce dopamine as much as other ones, and these are less likely to exacerbate negative symptoms. Vraylar is one of those meds. This don’t mean it will improve your negative symptoms, only that it is less likely to make them become worse. If you are on a different antipsychotic and then switch to one of these ones that doesn’t effect negative symptoms as much, it may feel like your negative symptoms are improving because they are no longer being worsened by the other med. So it is worth a try.

If you wanted something to improve negative symptoms, you’d need to take something that increased dopamine levels in the brain. The issue there is that positive psychotic symptoms are caused by too high dopamine in some areas of the brain. So going on something that increases dopamine may make your positive symptoms worse even if it does improve your negative symptoms.

So unfortunately until more targeted medication is designed that can raise dopamine in the parts of the brain that doesn’t have enough and lower it in the parts it has too much, there’s practically no way to treat both symptom types simultaneously.

No @Anna Vraylar actually improved things for me as far as Negative Symptoms go.

Were you on a different antipsychotic before vraylar? Because the previous AP may have been making your negative symptoms worse. Then when you switched to vraylar it no longer exacerbated the negative symptoms thus making it seem like they improved.

Otherwise brain chemistry is wacky and complex and everyone responds to these meds differently. I’m just saying logically there is currently no AP designed to treat negative symptoms.

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there is minocycline that cured negative symptoms even when not taking it for 2 weeks, sais enough

i don’t respond to anti psychotics, only seroquel for 2 months and minocycline for 2 weeks with only 3 days intake twice daily

next in line NAC 600 mg, if that fails i am going back to minocycline in micro dosis, im dealing with some sort of occult infection here i think

I’m confused about this. I’m pretty sure I went on minocycline in highschool to treat my skin. It’s an antibiotic. How on earth does an antibiotic treat negative symptoms? Were you prescribed this by a doctor for the purpose of treating negative symptoms? I’m very curious about this.

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Yeah I was on Risperidone but Vraylar acted like an amphetamine, it energized me so much that I couldn’t take it any more.
I had to come off of it.

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I tried Minocycline it helps against Negative Symptoms but for me it was not the right treatment …

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For me, Vraylar does help some for negative symptoms.

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Hi Anna minocycline cured my schizophrenia after 3 days also other anti viral agents i dont know exactly whats going on

theres a link between acne and schizophrenia dont ask me what @Anna im not a scientist :slight_smile:

also it reduces brain inflammation or something like that to get rid of treatment resistant depression

thats the theory somehow, better ask you doc about it

I know it’s definitely being studied in use of treating sz I’m just baffled as to how it works but I’m sure scientists are right now too…

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This is why they think Minocycline works.

600 mg of NAC is also a fairly small dose. I think it’s been tested up to 2600 mg a day in sz.


NAC didnt work for me