What's the antidepressant dose for quetiapine?


I’m interested in taking it…but don’t want to worsen hypomania…suggestions?

When I take it many nights in a row, I feel it gets worse…

Today I took 12.5-15 at doctor’s suggestion.

What dose is it typically used as an antidepressant?

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careful with this medication

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I don’t know. I think Seroquel has antidepressant effects for me. But I take a fairly high dose of 400mg.

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I take it in high doses and it stops mania and chills my mood out.


As far as im aware its not an anti-depressant. Im on it as an anti-psychotic. I dont recall it being used for depression.


It can be used for depression, and also bipolar, in addition to schizophrenia. But I don’t know what dosages are used. Definitely higher than the low doses used for sleep though.

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Oh right - good to know. Tho im just on the 100mg for sleep at night.


Trazadone is a sleep aid but doubles as an antidepressant at high doses. I think 150mg but at that dose im just knocked out so whats the point


Dose between 50 and 200mg are used for anxiety.


Thanks guys, I’m not taking it anymore, I had a bad dream, I might take it again, because I won’t remember last night, though I did sleep some.

Though it made me feel a bit calmer, there was still the bad dream. Also, I just felt icky in general.


It’s 7pm—between 4 something and now, I slept. I took 100 mg atarax, and some l-theanine. I had more bad dreams. It was not regular, but I guess it was some kind of “nap”, the 12.5-15mg I took yesterday is still in my system, and I guess that’s why I had bad dreams, or maybe I’ve got rem sleep deprivation and that means rem rebound. Or the low dose is suppressing rem?

I just took my 50mg lamotrigine, and will try to keep getting better with it. I didn’t go to the gym today, but did yesterday…my dad dropped me off and picked me up, everyone’s been off work the past 3 days because of a severe winter storm warning, and today it was 20 below.

While I felt no pain this morning, when I woke up I could hardly walk, and I think it was “bad pain”, not regular muscle soreness. Shooting through my lower leg close to the bone and mostly around just under the knee. Seroquel allowed me to feel pain for a while, and also, weirdly enough, I think, is responsible for me remembering some of yesterday and this morning. Even at that low dose of 12.5-15 mg?

I think I will take 6-12.5mg right now because I need to sleep again in an uninterrupted block. Hopefully past 3:30am.

Maybe it helps take the edge off so my brain can rest? I wonder if psychomotor agitation leads to CNS fatigue? esp. when you do too much taxing physical activity as well as endlessly ruminating about ideas which you can hardly hold on to because you are easily distracted?


I’m gonna ask my doctor whether or not you can STAGGER the dosing, so, like, take quetiapine ‘every other’ instead of ‘once’ a day.

INTERMITTENT is probably the right word…


I took 1200mg a day. I think that’s the max dose but my family doctor upped it to 1400 a day. Didn’t work so took me off.


I was on it 150 mg for a couple years because i primarily had mood problems. 400-800 mg is for psychosis. So lower than that they use for depression or for non psychotic bipolar episodes. As for the dreams (I think you meant it caused you to have weird dreams) I’ve found if I take it a couple hours or more before I fall asleep it doesn’t cause as many weird dreams

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You ever try over 150 @msylvan?


Oh ya I am on 400mg now after my last relapse

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I’m on 400mg as well. I found doses lower than that didn’t work. I tried taking 300mg, but it wasn’t enough.


How was 150 for mood? Which dose is best for mood?


It worked decent for me for a while. Honestly think it’s best to ask your psych


I’ve been on quetiapine 400 x 2, along with Geodon 80 x 2 for over a decade. Both drugs are officially classified as antipsychotics, but I do seem to be happier when I take them. You’ll just have to use trial and error. I hope something works for you.