What's one of the funniest things you've ever seen in real life?

I don’t mean in movies or books. I mean just something you’ve experienced or witnessed.

When I was a younger teenager, I had a friend for one year (before I had to move away), and we lived in the same neighborhood. We were pretty much attached at the hip, and it wasn’t unusual for us to sneak out and be hanging out late at night outside.

One night it was pouring down rain and all the toads were coming out, and they were just everywhere in the roads. The toad is my favorite animal and I got very excitable and upset not wanting them to be run over by the occasional car/truck coming down the road.

This is what a friend this gal was, she didn’t question it or argue it, or try to explain to me that we couldn’t possibly save all these toads. She just jumped right in and started helping me try to grab them all and move them into the wooded areas near the roads.

So for some unknown amount of time, we were gently/carefully stuffing toads into our clothing and then dumping them into the woods, back and forth, while laughing and shouting at each other where more toads were.

When I felt satisfied and calmer, we walked back to her house to get some snacks/drinks from the garage, and as we were sitting there munching, this little toad that had been missed crawled up out of her bra area between her boobs and just stared at me like WTF.

For whatever reason I laughed so hard I choked.


On a rainy day,a neighbor girl came over to our house clad only in her underpants and carrying an umbrella.


Good story…

It’s a story about myself but it still was really funny. I was late for a summer school course in college and rode hard on my bike to make it to class…I was drenched in sweat so I ran inside the bathroom to wipe off before going to class…there wasn’t any paper towels left so I wiped my face off with a newspaper, not knowing it would rub ink off on me…I walked into class and the teacher said. “WHAT THE HELL IS ALL OVER YOUR FACE???” I immediately knew what I did wrong and went back to the bathroom to wash off the ink…haha…


One time I asked someone in a hotel for board games. I think they were German, and they came back saying they only had monopoly(pronounced mono–polly. I was like “Oh, I’ve never played that game!” Then, I realized something… XD


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I have a thing with rescuing animals off the streets. So one day, I was 13/14, I was coming home and passed this parking lot and there was a lot of people all in a circle. I went to check what was up and there was this cat with his paws broken, hit by a car, that couldn’t move, everyone was like “what to do? call animal control!” so I grabbed my jacket and picked up the cat. The cat was really sweet, just looked at me in despair, it was heartbreaking.

There was a mall there that had an animal shop and I walked right in there, went straight for the animal shop and when I get there the girl there was really rude, I asked for a number of a veterianarian and she wouldn’t give it to me, gave me a dirty cloth because “I was ruining my jacket”…

This woman approaches me seing my panic face and says “I know a good veterinarian near here if you want to come with me” I was like what the hell she’s not going to kidnap me and the cat so let’s go. I went with her and we were indeed at a veterinarian, the cat had his hip broken and his back paws also, so the vet asked for xrays and gave him a painkillers and sedation injection so he could sleep through the night. The woman gave me a ride home and my mom was like “Another animal?” By this time, I had already saved three cats and three dogs.

The next day I went to the armys veterinarian that was right next to my house for the x-rays, and the vets helper asked me to hold his front paws while he grabed his back paws, during the x-ray. Well the ■■■■■■■ helper pulled the cats broken back paws and the first thing the cat saw was my finger and bite it! I was screaming in pain and calling the helper all sorts of ugly names and my mom and the vet were panicking “Oh it’s a street cat, hes not vacinated! what to do what to do?”

So we dropped the cat at home after the treatment, went to the ER. When we approached the front desk my mom was really nervous and when the woman there asked us why we were there my mom said very fast in these exacts words “My daughter was bitten by a wild cat, we wen’t to the vet but he told us to come to the ER” and the woman starts laughing, I just facepalmed with my good hand and tried explaining the situation with no luck because the woman wouldn’t stop laughing. Then the doctor comes, and shouts “The girl that got bitten by a wild animal!” My mom wasn’t seeing what the problem was, just in the doctors office when she asked why the hell did we go to the vet before and I explained she understood and was all “Ohhh alright then, is the cat alright?”


hahahaha, this gave me a good laugh XD

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One day my 3 year old daughter handed me a pencil and said, “Daddy! You wanna smell something beautiful??”

So I took a long inhale on the pencil end and went…

“Ugh! What did you do?!”

To which she replied…

“I stuck it in my butt!”

I thought she might have sprayed perfume on it…but boy did she fool me!



I was in 3rd grade, and one of my classmates, nicknamed “Chunky” was having a bad day. The teacher singled him out for something - I don’t remember what, but it was innocent. The teacher admonished Chunky, and Chunky opened the ground-level window, jumped out, and ran (waddled) home. It was funny, and rather surreal at the same time.


Some years ago they had Riksha boys on the Durban beach front. These boys run with a cart with two big wheels and they run with passengers to where ever they want to be taken. They did this for a fee in order to make a living. Then one day I was sitting at the beachfront. Up come two fairly heavy weight guys and negotiated with the Riksha boy. So they both got seated in the cart. The next moment the the cart flipped backwards which lifted the boy in the air still holding on to his handles. The two guys at the back were lying flat on their back and the Riksha was hanging in mid air. It was quite a commotion to lift the cart up so that the passengers can get off and the Riksha touch ground again. It was very funny.


Good story Minnii. As they say, “No good deed goes unpunished”. Have you saved any animals since then?

Like this but a human, right? :joy:


That horse (mule?) probably went home that night and told his wife, “Gee honey, you’re not going to believe this but the damnest thing happened to me today”.


Exactly just like that…lmao

I have, saved a kitty two years ago, my friend has him now. He drools :smile:


The cat or the friend?

Lol the cat the cat