Whats on your mind

ive been having sex dreams recently and they’ve been soooo nice

I wish I get sex like that in real life

first I need to trim down my belly and such and then expose myself to the public

wats at the forefront of your mind


also I love peace and harmony

I just got a better internet connection today ! Now I don’t know what to do with it lol. I don’t want netflix.

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I’m worried my voices were real, worried my mother thinks I’m not doing enough on the farm. And I’m worried IM not doing enough on the farm. Worried the cows will break out when I go away on Friday to visit my freind. All that and I’m also bored.

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don’t worry as long as youre trying your best its all cool

M e too

I need to start preparing for an interview but its so hardd

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my belly is so big today I feel like santa clause

My belly makes me look pregnant. So embarrassing!

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Considering everything that has happened to me and that I am the way I am, I am pretty amazing

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I hate the interviews where they ask you, Now, why did you leave that job?

I get uptight and say, I had my reasons. It’s like they want to catch you in a snare.

What’s on mind is making sure I call back Vera French, I missed their call this morning,
no idea why they’re calling, maybe to cancel my appointment again on this Friday,

sure wish they weren’t giving me the runaround, I’m gonna need meds soon. And they won’t let me see a pdoc til I see the therapist and she refers me to one. whatever.

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what is vera French for? We don’t have that in uk I don’t think.

Hope u get your meds on time

it’s the mental health facility in the Quad Cities, about 25 miles away.

I’m just starting there, and the call this morning was just a reminder of my appt. on Friday.

I think they told me they can fill my meds even before I can be seen by a pdoc, so that’s good.

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Gotta go back to work tomorrow it’s a drain going to apply to move to a a different division of amazonslightly more pay but most importantly something new as getting bored.

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Wishing I had a gf to talk to when I get bored.


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