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Yesterday we went to a haunted cemetery. It’s a famously haunted cemetery. Actually has a Wikipedia page and articles. Haunted by the “white lady”. We didn’t see her. But supposed to be real. It was really fun though. I love stuff like this. I don’t get scared.

And the women’s house has all these…women. It seems all the women have chose a guy in our house to flirt with. Well the prettiest one has seemed to chosen me. Well according to my friend she was flirting with me a lot. I thought she was just being friendly. And so I paid closer attention and she waived at me like 3 times when I saw her the next day. And seemed real excited to see me. But I don’t want anything to do with her. Or any of them for that matter. But gosh these girls are “friendly” to say the least. But I don’t want nothing to do with them. They’re all heroin and crack addicts VERY early in recovery. Pshh.


Why not give them a chance?

How early in recovery are they?

He said VERY early. :joy:

Like a month give or take.

You are a good-looking dude. I am not surprised.

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Thanks @GentleSoul


Yeah. You gotta be careful

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Don’t be so quick to judge, you were a drug addict to remember that

So?? I’m not a judgemental person it’s just your not supposed to enter a relationship first year of sobriety…let alone sleep with any girl in the women’s house EVER.

Thats precisely the reason why @Jonnybegood can and should be quite judgemental. He knows all about this struggle.


I did not know about this rules, you are right

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I decided i dont always have to have someone to sleep with. Im assuming i will get very bored now. But i have to find some other activity. Im thinking of becoming a waitress…atleast then im not bored

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Yeah. I’m bored as crap :poop:. I wish I could work

I’m wondering if I should go out and get wasted

The more I drink in life the more I forget.

Terrible thing alcohol

I recommend not to do it. Wish you all the best. If you have an emotional problem you could talk about it in the forum.

Slow zone piga malenaki

What are you saying? @anon1152203

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