What's on your mind right now?

It’s okay. You can start and see how it goes. I salute you that you want to do this. Wish i had a little determination, i would also study full time. You can try and see how it goes.

Yeah, I’m just scared I’m gonna fail at it. Probably an unjustified fear. We’ll see.

Did you eat that candy?

I bought a cheese yesterday, it’s delicious.

I am proud of my motherland :wink:

It’s ok. I’m sure you can overcome this fear.

I didn’t eat candy but I had a fruit cocktail, it was delish. At the end of the day, i’m tired and overwhelmed. Gonna take a shower and relax

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Saw my parents today that’s always a good thing

I’m thinking about falling asleep and this character in a video game that I can relate to very much.

ireland went through a famine before

10km marathon with the hound this morning :tomato: and then later to test my luck a shot of the roulette… :coffee:

The scenic beauty in a resort on the Adriatic.

My thesis and a girl, it is quite a spectacle to see them fighting for my attention :slight_smile:


Hey “flybottle” ,

Why You No Admit You Are A Dude From “jasons” Syte … ,

“flyinabottle” … ,

How Long Ago Was All Thaz Shazz (???)

(tha deletion and everything) …

For that wasn’t me! I am unfamiliar with that site, and, I never used this or a similar username anywhere else before…

Slightly Odd You Two Share Such A Close as Is Nayme …

Where Your Nayme (if you don’t mynde me asking) Nayme Come From (???)

It could be that we were inspired by the same source… I took it from the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, who used the flybottle as a metaphor for philosophy, the philosopher being the fly trapped in the bottle. I see the flybottle as a metaphor for psychosis, the patient being the fly in the bottle: What does your username mean?

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Interesting ,

What A Coincidence …

A combination of getting drunk as ■■■■ / eating my body weight in junk food and slightly suicidal. Elegant combination.

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Someone’s office…very naughty :smiling_imp:

Huh!? I’m somewhat lost…

A naughty scene in someone’s office. That’s on my mind. Lol.

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