What's on your mind right now?

This girl at IOP asked if I had a girlfriend, and I said no And she acted all surprised.

I started working out today. Almost threw up after a 5 minute run and 20 minutes of hard work out, but itll get easier

and rush is such a good band…theyre really good i never thought they were that good but i’m a big fan now.

Why are we here? Because we’re here, roll the bones.

Went to the grocery store and got tons of fruit

What’s on your mind right now?


Why Am I Blocked From Tha Thread Where You Can Share Music “you are listening to now” … ,

I L(Y)ke Ta Share …

Hmm (???)

board is very glitchy right now indeed

I L(Y)ke Thus Word …

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ii think im gonna apply for a job at the local grocery store…they have like 400 people working there so why not me

I Was Going To Create , Well I Almost Finished It ,

Create My Own Public Schizophrenic PLUS Other Mental Health Websites ,

But Thus Stalker Got Into My E-mail and ■■■■■■ It Up ,

and THEN ,




and Now I Jus Dunno … ,


W . T . F .

on my mynde sometimes.

thats some shyyyyt :wolf: :cactus:

heres a piece of cake to enjoy :cake:

Yeah No Doubt ,

Complete Bullshazzle ,

I Miss Her & Rocks ,

and I Forgive Her Joke ,

Tha Coma Took Away Tha Memories Of Our Last Conversation … ,

and I STILL Believe In Her ,

But I Was Gone For A While and She Was Seeing Stupid Shazz From Some Really Sick Individuals ,

So She Probs Ran Tha ■■■■ Away … ,

I’m Trying To Move On ,

But I Really Cared , and STILL DO Care For Her … ,

and Im Gonna Leave It At That …

and THANKS Yo Yo …

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Yo Gurl If You Out There STILL ,

Send Me A Message That Onli Us Two Would Know … ,

He Took Away Tha SonggG … ,

I’ll Get Back To You On Thus (!!!)


OK Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Program .

Had a yummy salad and parfait from McDonald’s came home listening to Metallic, it didn’t seem quite right, like I might have to choke my food down. But now I feel like my body is happy, and I’m enjoying the silence.

Man… relief is all I can say…

Had issues cropping up today… they all got resolved.

Got my OBD II reader in the mail today… gonna play around with that tomorrow and fix my car. Might buy a drill to install the mud flaps I bought… just to get that over with. There isn’t a power outlet outside my building so I’ll have to find a place…

Anyways ■■■■’s moving forward again. I’ve got to watch my budget… those poor periods are hell. Even though I found some cool software and got some ideas for my entertainment system.

I’m taking advantage of this period in my life where responsibilities and expenses are low and non commital. I’ve got some stuff I want. I’ll keep it for as long as it lasts.

Found that equate multivitamins are packed with more vitamins and minerals… in the amount of each I mean… 200 pills for 7.50 that’s a six months supply. I can relax about my lack of veggies somewhat now… Even though I plan to work on that too.

My mom was criticizing my obsession over buying things. She doesn’t realize it’s not an infinite chase. I don’t want everything. I just want to maximize my set up. Both in current functionality and longevity.

She actually told me to just ask for some of this stuff for christmas… just like I always say… ■■■■ christmas. Though that did remind me that christmas is a thing…Alright signing off…

(If I exercised right now I’d probably vomit) Been over a month since I smoked I’m pretty sure. I’ve only had 3 beers in the last two weeks. The last of those was on monday.

Life’s Good :sunglasses: I hope it stays that way.


when will I leave my house and interact with people once again instead of being such a recluse that the only people that know you or that you’re alive is 1. my mother 2. my brother and 3. the drs/case managers etc at the hospital. and 4. I should go study something at uni instead of lounging around all day doing nothing something might come of it and if it doesn’t it won’t cost me a cent because of being on a pension and not earning enough to pay it back (you have to be earning 35k+ p/a to start making payments on your uni debts here or they technically don’t exist).

How to refrain from scratching an itch. …

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u wish mate. hahaha

Food and sleep are on my mind :hamburger: :sleeping:

I would be sleeping if my cat were inside. YOU KNOW WHAT? Forget the cat, it’s sleepy time.

Tomorrow. I’m planning on getting up early so I can get to Rite-Aid early to pick up a couple of things. Then there’s a park near-by and I’m planning on taking a walk. If I feel ambitious I will drop off some books at Goodwill and hit the ATM.

I feel like having cola gummies. I’m gonna buy some and visit my two nephews. Then I’m gonna visit my grandma, she’s always sick.

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I’m worried my cognitive abilities will not be good enough to learn what I have to learn in school. Classes didn’t start yet but I’m worried it will be too much for me to handle.

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I smoke ecigs and I just advised @Daimon against sub ohm vaping, but I really want to try it, even though it might not be as safe as standard above ohm vaping. That’s what’s on my mind right now. Maybe I’ll do some research.