List down your current problem

These are my current problem:
1.mildly depress mood(makes me don’t want to talk and connect with prople)
2.hyposomia(if I take coffee it feels ok,if I did not or even if sometimes I take coffee it still doesn’t work enough)I sleep like 8-10hrs a day
3.i do not like to laugh(this is a big problem too,I see other people laughing and speaking but not me)
4.sexual problem(this isn’t a big problem currently but it might be if I ever had a GF someday,it’s cause by my meds)

Comment some advice and help and also you problem,maybe people can write done useful idea downs do thank you for reading

Insomniac here. And workaholic. It takes my mind off of things, but I can’t seem to muster up the want to take a break. I force myself to take breaks though, with the logic that “it will help me get more done later”.
I also do not like to connect with people. I can’t seem to relate to what most people like, or I simply don’t want to talk. Being on here is the most social I get, but I wouldn’t mind keeping it that way though. I prefer solitude. Crave it.
I also had the um…number 4…along with the fact that the meds were suppressing other things…charcter…etc…which is one of the biggest reasons I’m no longer taking medication.:expressionless:

Current problems would include insomnia, high anxiety/stress, and anorgasmia (thanks to the new medication).

Problem focusing and doing things -

hmm, current problems…I guess I would say loneliness…I have a woman I live with, but she works a whole bunch and I am here at the house all day…but she comes home and gets online and plays bingo on facebook the rest of the night so there isn’t much interaction at all…I was rehashing a lot of the past in my mind up until I noticed it was consuming me, making me cry a lot each day, so I make great effort not to think of the past anymore and I don’t cry near as much anymore…

Anger issues. I’m really trying to focus on this one and get down to the root cause because its really a problem.

Social issues. I have trouble finding something to say and often things I say are taken in a way other than I mean them. I miss being social but I lack the confidence and such that I used to have.

Motivational issues. I’m so lazy that its disgusting.

Paranoia issues. Sometimes I have trouble recognizing paranoia, other times I have issue recognizing a real concern because I brush it off as paranoia. Very annoying.

Feeling like Im on speed, but unmotivated if this makes sense. Stressed out easily, more than usual, underlying nervousness edginess - I think its getting better though

@Wave before I was on anti-psychotics for the first time, I nearly always felt besurk, with an absolute overflow of thoughts. I wanted to do a lot, but the thoughts became all-consuming, which resulted in just lying in bed all day thinking myself into the ground. After a change of diet, and taking things like Fish oil and other amino related substances, my thoughts are more geared toward positive non-delusional things.

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Yeah i know what you mean, my issue is that I was put on a new antidepressant mood stabilizer - Lamictal. This drug keeps me on the hypomanic side of things - making me speedy and a bit on edge, but it has basically taken care of my depression

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My current problems are:

Poor time management
Bad diet
very little exercise
No daily routine
severe depression
severe anxiety
severe paranoia
negative self image
lack of motivation
always tired
clouded scattered mind
difficulty concentrating or focusing
very low libido

I’ve been going through something… I just don’t feel like I’m doing as well as I have in the recent past.
Lately it’s been…
difficulty concentrating
mood swings??? Big ones… very new and confusing for me
Paranoia amping up
hypersensitivity both emotionally and physically… feels a lot like my onset.
more anxiety amping up
hyper and tired at the same time
lots of doom and gloom thinking
More out of body experiences… depersonalization.

Trying to stay positive, refocus and dial back the stress in my life. Keeping in touch with my doc and letting my crisis team know that I’m just not feeling right lately. Open to suggestions from doc about another med change, supplements, therapies, coping tools. I’m not leaving lucid town without a fight.

Maybe you have schizoaffective? A persons diagnosis changes, and shifts all of the time J

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This telepathic harassment needs to stop. I don’t believe it is real anymore, but that doesn’t prevent it from happening. Aside from that I’m doing pretty good. I opening up socially, I’m getting my weight back under control. I quit smoking have lozenges for bad cravings. Bought time for me to get back to work.

My doc has been saying my diagnosis might be in the process of changing… he’s been saying this for a about 4 or 5 months now. Maybe I am changing… again.

Been keeping an eye on things and being as healthy as I can be.

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Psychical problems from side effects. Much the same issues as others have written like too little social interaction.

@surprisedj I hope nothing is going wrong with you…and your still doing very well,am I right?

I like being in control and I lack patience. Right now we as a family are going through some life changes where I’m not only NOT in control, but I find myself waiting on other people to accomplish things in order for us to move forward. (Job changes, moving, purchasing new (to us) home, selling old home, etc.). Been mumbling the Serenity Prayer. A lot. Through gritted teeth. These will probably all turn out to be positive changes, but you wouldn’t know it from the way I react some days.


  1. Insomnia - controlled by meds but this can only be temp fix.Going to do this until I can take down the weight & then go natural/fight to maintain weight loss…for women, insomnia loads on the pounds.
  2. Huge weight problems - walking regularly now and forcing weight lifting sessions but no relief yet.
  3. Diet - still using food fixes/compulsive eating. Trying to just eat at home, then clean up the habits. Too much sugary drinks.
  4. Constant auditory hallucinations - very disruptive for studying…
  5. Lots of gang stalking harassment from psychotic strangers…Worried it will happen at work again & I get fired.
  6. Going to attend school in fall with some instructors that mistreated me & new psych doctor refused to give me any useful help with disability support services. All the new psych doctors will call ANYTHING delusional for a long time no matter what happens to school or work. Had to return to my old doctor begging for help with school accommodations…
  7. Living with belligerent father - It’s constant walking on egg shells & all he does is complain about stupid stuff…I MEAN STUPID!
  8. Relationship - Being strung along & gave ultimatum.
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Thank you for that

I’m still standing. I am embarrassed by the fact that I had a paranoid/ panic flip out the last few weeks and did some stuff I regret. But I still have my job, didn’t disturb the neighbors too much… didn’t break up with my girl friend.

Just trying to figure out what in the world is going on up there in the gray matter.

slightly to severely depressed
sexual dysfunction from the meds that i’ve basically stopped seeing my gf because of it, have no interest in sex right now.
no job either.