Whats happiness?

I forgot what happiness is since sz. Abilify restored some of my happiness for the 8yrs I was on it but can’t take it anymore due to addiction problems. Legal drugs here like weed and alcohol either make me psychotic or depressed. No way of being happy. On top of that I am stuck in bed unless I stop my meds or take Ldopa which can worsen positive symptoms.


I guess you are going to have to wait for Vraylar and hope that it can function for you similar to Ablify without your addiction problems. I’m not sure what else to say. You no longer want to try Clozapine so maybe Vraylar is your best bet. Hopefully you will get a chance to try it soon. Don’t give up Aziz.

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Alot of the drugs ive been on can destroy your happiness. Its that ruddy flat feeling, when our dopamine has been knackered by the drugs.


I am tired of changing meds and my Dr too. I only had luck with partial dopamine agonists for negative symptoms.


Well if you have a thick accent and you tell someone that you have a big happiness they might look at you funny :innocent: :eggplant: