I am tired!

I am tired of living that way… Everytime i feel happy I feel guilty i think happiness is not for us (bipolars - schizophrenics…etc) as it increases mania and psychosis , our meds Blocks happiness by blocking dopamine so I always think happiness will give me bad consequences to my illness …we all just need One Important thing which is final CURE or a safe side effect free brain stimulation like TMS
(p.s TMS itself is not effective for schizophrenia) that would allow us to feel the full happiness like Everyone else !!

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our meds Blocks happiness by blocking dopamine

I think abilify and Vraylar work a bit differently. I feel happy sometimes on abilify. I hate the anxiety side effect though.

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I feel happy sometimes. Drinking alcohol makes me feel happier than normal… I know that sounds bad FYI. When my wife is super nice to me and not yelling at me I feel happy. When my boys listen to what I tell them I’m happy. When I pet my dog I’m happy. I’m also happy when I visit with family. That about sums me up.

It doesn’t make me feel happy. Now I drink a beer every 2 weeks or so to kill the curiosity but it never makes me happy. It’s just the addiction that drives me to drink a beer at a restaurant every 2 weeks. I thank God Naltrexone works so well on me, because it stops me from drinking much. But I still like a beer every 2 weeks to kill the curiosity, because that’s how quickly the curiosity comes back even though I know I hate it. That’s how strong the addiction is. I’m a terrible alcoholic though, the worst kind of drinker. I would trade going out with friends and having the chance of getting laid for being cooped up in my bed with a can or 4 of steele reserve and playing on my computer any day! back when I was drinking a lot!