What's everyone doing today?

I’m just sitting around drinking coffee. Gonna play my guitar for a bit. I wanna go hang with my friend but his phone’s off.


Sitting at home reading the forums. Trying to recover after a panic attack… I will probably play some game later :slight_smile:

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I hope you feel better! I’m sure you will. What games do you play? I like gaming, too.

I play MMOs mostly. They are easy to start and stop. I’ve been playing a lot of Guild Wars 2 lately. How about you?

Right now i’m playing assassin’s creed 3. I downloaded #2 up to # 3 and started playing about a month ago. I also like the sims 3. I have skyrim and gears of war, also. Along with mass effect 2. All on PC.

I went night fishing with a couple friends… was fun but we didn’t catch anything

Got a years worth of cooking and reading books from today’s book sale! :slight_smile:

My husband does a podcast with some friends on Saturdays, so I’m about to be kicked out for a couple hours since it’s impossible to keep my daughter quiet enough. I still have no idea what I’ll do yet. We’ve been going to the town center and watching the fish and getting dinner, but that’s a lot of walking and I’m not really up for it today.

I came down with a virus sadly so I’ve been doing my best to rest. I’ve also been studying. Happy to report my plan to take geodon very early and then go back to sleep worked and I did not experience the akathisia+sedation today. I am happy about this.

Now I am just resting and waiting for a delivery to get here which has failed at being delivered and taken back 3 times in a row now :triumph:


Its almost one am, my wife, son and I just got home from a wedding party. It was a very nice party and very enjoyable. I dressed up in a black suit, white shirt and a bluish tie with black shoes. My wife was wearing a nice short purple dress with free sholders and high heels. My son was wearing a brown suit and white shirt. My wife had gone to the hair dresser on Friday and her hair looked very nice. I also wanted to do something so I dyed my beard so the grey hairs dont show. Well something did not work out quite right with that and I looked a bit strange with my beard being too dark for me. I suppose if you dont know how I normally look, you may not see it but I think everybody sees it that I dyed my beard. I felt a bit odd at first at the party with this but I soon forgot about it becausef I had such a good time. The food was good, First we got a salad as starter. Then I ate steak with rosemarine potatos and mango chutney. For dessert I ate marinated strawberries with whipped cream on top. We sat in two rows of tables and the couples sitting next to us very very nice. We met a ice landic man and his wfie who was born in Germany but has Indian roots. Then we met a man who works for Lufthansa as engineer and his wife who has form Marocco who works for the migration office and helps refugees. Also across from us was a woman who works imn the civil registry and does weddings and her boyfriend was a graphic artis with German Nigerian roots. We all had a good time talking and getting to know each other. The German man with the Maroccan wife we exchanged phone numbers when we were leaving. But before that after dinner there was dancing. We danced for about two hours almost non stop. The music was pretty good. Very modern not the usual wedding kind of music. There was funk, ska, and some hip hop. We left just before midnight and I drove home in the dark night. THe party was in a pretty remote restaurant in a wooded area. At first I was a bit scared to drive that i might hit an animal but it truend out ok.

I went to Michaels with my mom to buy some yarn/supplies, then went straight home and made dinner. I just finished knitting a couple of rows of my scarf and now I’m on here! Going to call it a day soon, I’m tired.:sweat_smile:


Just repaired my laptop… got it set up on my living room table with speakers…

I’ve had several hundred parties by myself hanging around this thing… Didn’t realize how much I missed it.

Hope the day goes well for you lost…

I too am having some coffee. Off to work in a few hours. Last night I was stuck in there doing closing procedures until 7:30am…

Hah they scheduled me at 36 hours next week… but I’m likely going to wind up at 45 hours… I’ll take the extra 75$ on my paycheck…


I wish i could work but i’m stuck trying to get social security for now. I hope i get denied so i can go work again. I miss working. What kind of work do you do?

i have never officially worked, my parents help me out with everything school and so on. if i didn’t have a mental health diagnosis they would want me to work. i still go to school part time, that is the extent of my work as it is all i can handle

I worked until two years before my diagnosis. I had a few jobs in the past. I want to see if i can get some music work or something. That foesn’t require being on a payroll so social security wouldn’t trip.

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delivery driving… right now it’s at a pizza place. It’s going well and I’m getting along with every body, which is a surprise… there is already talk about getting a Halo lan party going between the 4 of us who used to play…

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i would love to work but it takes regularity and the medication makes me sleep late into the day. i am not all there one hundred percent of the time, the rest of the time i am kind of dopey off the meds. i dont need money since i dont have a grilfriend or friends or hobbies so i just hang around watching youtube videos until school starts again.

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I woke up at 6am, worked 8:30-5, came home and made dinner, walked my dog and now I’m just listening to music (as usual). I’m in for the night, plan on being in bed in about 2 hours (10pm).

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Update, delivery failed AGAIN literally because no one decided to reship it today so it just sat in a warehouse. Was not happy when talking to customer support. U g h. They say it will come tomorrow but honestly who knows anymore.

I just stayed at home, rest a bit on my balcony to the sun, and answered to my pen pals while listening to music.