What are you doing today?

I don’t have any plans. Probably watching video game speedruns online. Part of me wants to go to a shop but also just thinking about it makes me very anxious. Hope you all have a good day


I’m planning on going to church this morning. Otherwise no serious plans. I’ll probably do some cleaning too.

Maybe video game too.



I’m about to eat 2 bananas for breakfast. Woke up very late today it’s 12.48.

I don’t really know yet.

I need a break from searching for jobs. It gets a bit tiring.

I don’t feel like going for a walk or pilates either


What games do you like? I just got the new ghosts n goblins for the switch and I like it


‘how are you today?’

I am okay thanks for asking.

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I usually have a banana too for breakfast. I hope your day goes well :slight_smile:


Cool yea bananas are a nice thing to break the night fast with!

Hope your day goes well too.


On the PS4 I like the following:

  1. Train Sim World
  2. Kerbal Space Program
  3. Grand Theft Auto V
  4. Subnautica
  5. Unravel
  6. Hitman
  7. Battlefield 4
  8. Sherlock Holmes
  9. Farming Simulator 15
    …and many others.

On the Switch I like:

  1. Super Smash Bros
  2. Minecraft
  3. Lego Worlds
  4. Octopath Traveler
  5. Everspace
  6. Politiko
  7. Payday 2
    …and several more

How about you?


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I have a switch and Xbox one but mainly play on switch now. Oh and I got a stadia recently

I have liked
-hollow knight
-celeste (hard but fun)

  • Pokémon let’s go
  • unravel too
  • hades

I’ve been thinking of getting either the full version of octopath (I liked the demo) or trying out fire emblem (lots of people seem to like it)


It definitely has its challenges. Never tried Fire Emblem but that looks good too. I want Luigi’s Mansion or Mario Maker next. Idk which one though to get first.

I love Mario maker. Not only for Making levels but I like playing levels other people have made. People make some really neat ones

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Going shopping and visited the zoo

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I met a friend at the park this morning. Now I’m picking up some lunch and about to head home. :yum:

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I have to get busy, so much work has piled up :open_mouth: (((poor me)))

Not much- my sister and her family are coming over today… don’t know that I will visit with them. Might just go back to sleep :sleeping:

i wait for ninja turtles on switch

I worked during lunch then went grocery shopping afterwards. Now I’m just chilling but I will probably study soon since I am kind of behind. I do have the option to work a little during dinner, but I’m not sure if I want to.

I’m sitting on my sofa in my dark apartment listening to the thunder and watching the pouring rain. My power is out.

Listening to various genres of music currently, and vaping. Nothing else to do. Video Games get tedious eventually.

Job applications soon, maybe part time.

I hope everyone is well :slight_smile:

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