I am doing ok today

I am quite happy… for a moment having free day and resting…have what to do I play video games …how is your day today ? Did you fixed your problems ? Have new ideas how to spent time more interesting? I am quite happy being alone and spending time with my lovely games


That’s great to hear!


I’m happy for you. :slight_smile:

Me, I’m going to try to go a day without talking about my illness, see if that helps at all. I’m obsessed. :stuck_out_tongue: I guess I kind of talked about it in this post, oops.

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I have been watching informative videos on youtube about schizophrenia. Kinda boring, but I am trying to learn about our illness

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Good goals , may you don’t talk. Do you play video games ?

I watched them after I got sick but long time ago there is nothing to learn, just for interest

How are you doing @Hop3 ?

I’m new to sz, so i am still learning. It is interesting to a point

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I do! I mainly play RPG games for the 3DS.

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I don’t have 3ds . I have nintendo switch. 3ds is cool system too… well good that there is people who plays video games :joy:

Enjoi learning may you find some useful information about sz. I have a book surviving schizophrenia but it’s too difficult to read . And I don’t find anything useful maybe little yeah… the more you know about yourself is greater more

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Glad to hear you’re doing well @crazy_dancer_arcade_pro. I took a day off from accompanying my girlfriend at her daughters house, so I’ve been enjoying some time to myself. The internet is down in my area for my cable service, but I just turn off the wi-if on my phone and use it. Will play a little guitar soon.

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I’m feeling overly depressed, like I’m struggling stuck in the mud…I’ve been trying to distract myself with little writing projects, reading, watching TV, you-tube videos, browsing web, playing video games…I can’t shake this feeling like I would rather be dead right now.

I don’t mean to alarm people, I’m not going to do anything, it’s just a feeling. I’m tired of struggling…tired of the voices. tired of this negative feeling, just tired…not sleepy tired, laying in bed I actually feel worse sometimes. Just wish I could shake this hopeless, helpless feeling.

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That’s great @crazy_dancer_arcade_pro good to hear you’re doing okay

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