Whats dragging you down?

i have a lot of stuff dragging me down like when i will be offered a house and what it will be like, i hate being on a waiting list its like i am in purgatory or something and i can’t move on so i have been phoning and going in to the office constantly hoping they can tell me something but they can’t and all they say is that i am on the fastest queue but there isn’t many houses available so i need to wait at least another year :frowning: :boom: :gun:

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I am appealing the appeal of my social security decision. They say that it takes a year to eighteen months. Meanwhile I am going through childhood abuse in therapy aimed at helping my voices go down. If that is possible.

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that sounds tough :frowning: is it helping?

Here the only way to speed up the waiting time is to try for emergency accommodation.

What’s dragging me down is an anniversary trigger next month and my symptoms have been flaring since the beginning of this month. Although have had an extremly good day today and have made the most it.

It took me so fricking long to get my full regimen of benefits together and it’s taken even longer to find such a wonderful house to live in …it all takes ALOT of time…

I dunno what’s dragging me down right now, maybe my schizo interrogations.